Hello Everyone, It’s Alessandro here. The purpose of this article is to provide some room for us to comment and go crazy if we must over the terrible result & match on Thursday Night against Brazil. I know we’re all ready to explode and remind everyone that Arevalo Rios has to go and all the change that has to happen!! Below is Nico’s Podcast with his thoughts and a picture which will help fuel the discussion providing with the remaining details of the qualifying campaign and preview the Peru game on Tuesday. Also; Be on the look out as later this week, I’ll deliver my post-World Cup Qualifying Thoughts.



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ENGLISH: This is the first ever lcb solo-podcast, lets say it is not bad for a beginning. Im setting the standards low, pretty sure ale and yoru can do better. The idea was to let my feelings flow, i will never accept losing in such a shy way. Uruguay has what it takes to be a football powerhouse, we need our respect back, we need to be a wc challenge. Please share it, comment below, and sorry in case the quality of the content is not your cup of tea. – Nico GF

SPANISH: Esta es la primera vez que se lanza un podcast unipersonal. Los estándares de exigencia los iniciamos de menos a más, ya que de seguro Ale y Yoru pueden hacerlo mejor. La idea era dejar fluir mis sensaciones del presente de Uruguay, por ejemplo, que jamás aceptaré perder de una forma tan tímida. Necesitamos retomar como la potencia que solíamos ser, nuestro respeto hacia nosotros mismos tiene que volver, ser un candidato a levantar la copa. Les pido que compartan y comenten el Audio, y disculpen si el contenido no fue de su agrado. Pd: si tiene buena aceptación quizás volvamos a utilizar este recurso para mantener activo al sitio, ya que es más sencillo de publicar y no requiere tantos preparativos como la redacción de una columna. – Nico GF

click “Listen in browser” to listen here, so you avoid getting dragged from LCB to SC:




Alessandro Viña Alessandro Viña 3 like





espino————————–alex silva


The 442 diamond strikes back 😉


Nacho? You’re not expecting people to treat this with any degree of seriousness are you?


Yes the very same. If you havent been watching the uruguayan league; take a look at the table. Of course tabarez will still prefer cebolla, fucile, etc..


@Nico – I tried listening to yer Podcast in Slow-Motion but the Fast-Motion is too hilarious, because of the respect I have for you I will not listen to this…. C’mon, I’d be laughing too much to even give you an honest opinion.

Aguante el intento tho’



Haha… I can do better next time, no big deal.


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