When you have been following La Celeste as long as I have, and especially through the special years that were the roller-coaster from 2007 to 2010, you develop a bond with certain players for what they bring to the team. It should be no surprise to anyone that Forlan is my all-time favourite, I have a love-hate relationship with Recoba (he didn’t seem to have the motivation to become probably the best player on the plant), el Loco is also one of my favourite specially after the WC Panenka (it was a statement to the world, “We may be small but we are also great!”), and of course, Suarez.

However, when it comes time to selecting the players for La Celeste, I have never (or at least tried to never) let my likes or dislikes affect my selection. I was probably one of the first to say that Forlan and el Loco should not be capped anymore. We have seen coaches from other nations (like del Bosque), who are enamoured with a certain style of play make the difficult decision of excluding certain players (like Xavi) because they know that they may need to change their style. If a coach is more result oriented, he is more likely to make the change because his approach will be basically “what have you done for me lately”. So, while OWT may seem to be a result-oriented coach, the more obvious answer is that he is a style-oriented coach because if he were a result-oriented coach, he would be able to look at the players on his roster and compare with what other Uruguayan players are doing around the world and make substantial improvements. OWT is also a stubborn old man; he wants to receive credit for the players he brings to the NT. That is why he will wait 5 years to bring in 29-year old Sanchez (imagine if he had brought him when he was 24 years of age), will not bring in Britos and will make surprise call-ups like Guzman Pereira.

Here are some more stats regarding what other Uruguayan players are doing around the world (ratings by WhoScored). Based on this info, it would appear obvious that some of them deserve a place on the roster.





Unfortunately, there is not very detailed information available for the South American leagues.




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“He can’t cross with his left and keeps the ball down most of the time, which isn’t perfect given our increased aerial ability with Josema.”

Yes,it seems that he has even lost his central position,as Josema is simply perfect for it.Also perfectly precise in pelotassings.Recall just this long pass to Rolan in the first half.
But what do you think about Diego Polenta? Fast,firm,left footed,prone to move forward,good dribbling and survey of game,has totally paralyzed Jona Rodriguez,in classico.Has won every one on one duel with him.Either is Polenta for top international level,or Jona Rodriguez is not.

polenta had an exellent season with nacional.. seems like a totally recovered player that may have lost a little confidence on his trip to europe.. i really think he’s better suited to play center-back or left-side back on a 3-men line.. he may be a little slow for international play.. i wouldn’t say his dominant performance against jona rodriguez establishes him as a candidate.. the jury is still out on this latter player, to me.. he seems to be too much of a one-trick pony and we already had abel.. i’ve heard suarez has sort of endorsed him (i think… Read more »
I have been following Laxalt for a while too and truthfully – a rarely used sub for a powerhouse like Empoli – wouldn’t be my first choice to for the left winger. Trouble is – we have no real alternative on the left right now to either Cebolla or Palito (now as Caceres is injured). We simply have no explosive and combative left-footed wingback (Olaza is hopelessly benched) and Castro seems an even lamer choice than Cebolla. Really, when Caceres is put on the left out of necessity, his offensive capabilities are limited. He can’t cross with his left and… Read more »
Matias Vecino also scored,and have one assistence.This player is vital in the midfield for his club Empoli.Actually he is from Fiorentina,on a loan in Empoli.He plays constantly,every match 90 minutes.Laxalt also played,but as substitute from 73rd minute.He is on a loan too,From Inter.There they are planning to position him on the left wingback,when he returns.So plaguaceleste’s idea about him,playing on this position in LC,instead of Palito is not unrealistic.But I doubt Tabarez could get it.In cases of changing,or “inventing” new positions for players,he does always wrong.But maybe Inter could help him,in this case.Laxalt is very talented,left footed.Could do more than… Read more »
Nico Lopez again scored.And it is only the first half of the match Verona vs Fiorentina.4 goals in 4 matches he took a part,it couldnt be just a passing accident.I absolutely give him priority over Jona Rodriguez and Abel.Nico Lopez is the one who should come immediately after Suarez, Cavani and Rolan.And at the moment he is the best Uruguayan scorer in Europe.Its not a kind like Stuani who scores here and there.Boy is typical Matador,lethal crack,typical self-assured predator,the master of time and space,one who knows where to be,when and where to run in,and the moment when,and how to put… Read more »

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