So right about now, you’re probably feeling like Joe Pesci in Goodfellas, here you are, feeling like a million bucks, Paulie opened the books, they’re going to make you except you just opened the door on this brand new chapter of your life and just before someone puts a bullet in your head, all you can say is “Yorugua?… Oh No!” —- So yes, here I am, here you are — Back for the 4th pivotal year in the story of La Celeste Blog.

"OH NO!"

So last we spoke, I mentioned I was leaving this very Blog to develop a Podcast, and this sorta continues to be the case, but right now I’m still experimenting with various formats and eventually something will come out of all that experimentation and research, will it be something that is here for the long-haul or will it end up being a one shot deal? Well the answer to those questions is dependent on many factors, whether anyone likes it, whether I really want to sacrifice my weekends doing it and whether I want to do it period. Blogging, Podcasting is really a lot of hard work, sometimes you just want to lay on the couch, watch television and concentrate really hard on getting fat.

So why did I come back to this? Well its an interesting story… with time on my hand, I got on Facebook, explored the utility and possibilities that Facebook has to offer, here I thought, “OK what’s all the fuzz about?” but I came to the conclusion, that there isn’t much to offer. And if you’re an anti-social asshole as I am, Facebook is a vapid webpage, it offers very little, and anyway I’m more of a Twitter guy. But then I came to the conclusion that Twitter wasn’t any different, too many trolls out there and who really has the time for any of that shit, so I got rid of my Twitter account, then at the last minute I had a change of heart and recreated a new account, ahhh it’s a mess right now. Right now I’m doing Facebook and Twitter and hate them both equally.

But again why did I come back to this? Well you know I… I really don’t know now that I think about it. But that’s not really true, Sunday night I had a conversation with Jules, the man who put the dot in dot-com. And we broached the subject of putting this website out of its misery once and for all (I’m sure a few internet trolls would be happy with that)… but it left me thinking,  “Is this the end of LCB?” — Hmm good question. So we gave ourselves until August to decide… that should take us right into the World Cup Qualifiers.

I really don’t know what I got left in me and whether I”m the right guy to steer this Blog into the iceberg but hey isn’t it better not knowing what the future may hold?  And so that’s where we find ourselves today, waiting for the other shoe to drop… maybe it doesn’t, who knows? In a sense, we’re in the same boat as Uruguay’s national team.

Maybe they qualify for the 2014 World Cup… maybe they don’t.

But it is a good story nonetheless. For me it’s the only story, its the story of Icarus, who fashioned himself a pair of wings to fly high in the sky except he made them out of wax and crashed down to earth when he got too close to the sun. Now this isn’t just me being negative but can you honestly tell me 2012 was everything you expected following 2010 and 2011… of course not.

For me it’s 2009 all over again, that’s the year this Blog was formed. There’s that uncertainty with the National Team again, and the answer is none of us know what will happen. You can maybe talk yourself into a false sense of security that everything will work itself out in the end, but in the end all you’re doing is fooling yourself. Nobody knows what the future will bring, that’s it.

So strap on your seat-belt, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.  Lets see what happens and we’ll go from there.


Yorugua Yorugua 4 like

You already know what i think.

clap… clap… clap clap clap… clap clap clap clap…Cosmos!


great comment. i agree with you, the blog would lose its essence. very glad he’s back.



So great that you are back, this is your Blog and it could never be the same without you (and would most probably die).

Don’t leave the Blog again, your are heart, soul and brain behind it – and it’s a real preasure to read your entries.

Ivan from Faroes


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