The most glaring thing of note during Tabarez’s reign as coach so far has been the diminished use of local players in the national team set up. Unlike other’s before him, Tabarez has used very little to no players at all from the Uruguayan first division for either friendlies or qualifiers. Is that due to the league not being to an international standard? Or is it due to Tabarez’s arrogance?

Peñarol's Juan Manuel Olivera.

In the past 7 years Tabarez has used only a handful of local players for both friendly and World Cup matches, predominantly using only foreign based players for either venture. The Uruguayan league is currently under recess which is understandable yet while active Tabarez has called upon very little to no players plying their trade in Uruguay. In the recent match against Spain Tabarez called up Andres Scotti from Nacional and Matias Aguirregaray from Peñarol. Both players are hardly surprise call ups due to the fact that both and in particular Scotti are established members of the National team set up. Only on specific occasions has Tabarez ever call up a squad with predominantly domestic players due to scheduling conflicts with Europe or to test players out before the Eliminatorias of 2010 like with his matches against Venezuela, Colombia and South Africa. In fact Tabarez has seldom relied on calling up players from Uruguay only calling 1 or 2 players at a time.

Tabarez had begun calling players at the beginning of his second reign as coach for a training session or 2 with local players like Muslera, Arevalo-Rios, Gargano, Nacho, Godin, Fucile, Mono Perriera and Seba Fernandez joining in the fun and games. However since then selection of local players has been scarce to the point that today local players are expected not to get called up at all regaurdless if it’s for a friendly or eliminatoria. For the last Eliminatorias for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa Tabarez has called up on ocassion Miguel Amado (Defensor Sporting), Diego Arismendi (Nacional), Álvaro Fernández (Nacional), Diego De Souza (Defensor Sporting), Egidio Arevalo Rios (Peñarol), Martin Silva (Defensor Sporting), Nicolas Lodeiro (Nacional), Rodrigo Munoz (Nacional), Japo Rodriguez (River Plate), Alvaro Gonzalez (Defensor Sporting) and Diego Rodriguez (Defensor Sporting). So far for in this round of World Cup Qualifiers he has called up Emiliano Alfaro (Liverpool) and Diego Rodriguez (Defensor Sporting) against Chile and Rodrigo Munoz (Nacional) for a game. That’s it…That’s all.

In the not too distant past with Passarella, Pua, Carrasco and Fossatti as coach, all 4 have on many occasions called up a provisional squad of local players before calling up all the overseas players they needed. This is something Tabarez has not done at anytime as coach. That’s not too say that we have more players playing in Europe now or we have players who are in better teams now so the reliance on foreign based players is heavier, but with those 4 as coach of the national team the use of foreign based players was just as heavy, however unlike Tabarez they seemed to give local players a look in first before making a final squad.

Passarella and Pua had Fabian Carini from Danubio as their number 1, even though Claudio Flores was at Lanus, Alvaro Nunez was at Numancia and Robert Siboldi was at Tigres of Mexico. Gianni Guigou and Gustavo Varela was the midfield machine from Nacional that made their way to become the core of the national sides attack. Diego Rodriguez of Peñarol and Gonzalo Sorondo of Defensor became must haves in the defence and Mario Regueiro was at Nacional when he was troubling international defences and Chengue Morales was also at Nacional when he scored a double to send Uruguay to Japan/South Korea.

JR Carrasco to his great credit gave many local players an opportunity to shine on the international stage with many of his starting players coming from the Primera Division. Hornos and Liguera were at Fenix, Carlos Bueno and Alejandro Lago at Peñarol, Marcelo Sosa at Danubio, Pablo Munoz at Defensor, Adrian Romero was at Nacional and Cristian Nunez was playing for River Plate when they all were major cogs in the potentially faulty Carrasco machine. (The less said about Cono Aguiar from Fenix the better!)

Jorge Fossati also gave locals a chance with Sebastian Viera (Nacional), Cristian Rodriguez (Peñarol), Omar Pouso (Danubio), Jorge Martinez (Wanderers), Gonzalo Castro (Nacional), Fabian Estoyanoff (Fenix), Carlos Diogo (Peñarol), Guillermo Rodriguez (Danubio), and Diego Perez (Peñarol) all being integral to his squad lists. These days Tabarez has had very little interest in dealing with local players. It seems that in order for you to have a chance with playing for La Celeste you need to be at an overseas club. For some unannounced reason Tabarez has continuously swayed his attention elsewhere while local players like Tony Pacheco, Juan Manuel Olivera, Alvaro Recoba, and OJ Morales have all been ignored. Is Tabarez justified in his approach with the locals?

It’s been no secret that in the recent years past, the Uruguayan league has hit some sour times, with major clubs failing to make a dint at continental level, crowd troubles and incredibly substandard pitches. The level of performances from local clubs and players may have dropped substantially which has justifiably caused Tabarez to look the other way, but is it so much that they have little to no chance with getting into la seleccion? Either way it is glaring to note that regardless of club local players are not really within Tabarez’s plans in any form of the game. Why he chooses to do this and whether he is justified in his actions still remains to be fully certified.

Guest Writer: in_your_bright_ray

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  1. Elzipi says:

    All this talk about B squads and practice squads got me thinking. How about a 25 and under squad? No old men allowed. I think the only ones from the current squad who would be permitted are Coates, Ramirez, Lodeiro, Hernandez and I think Caceres is still 25.

    There are several choices at all positions
    Goal: Goicoechea,Irrazbal,Campana
    Def: Aguirregaray,Coates,Pintos,Rolin,Kagelmacher,Albin
    Mid: Ramirez,Lodeiro,Urreta,Mora,Rodriguez,Viudez,Pereyra
    Fwd: Hernandez,Ribas,Garcia,Ifran,Stuani

    Any thoughts?

    Current score: 3
  2. belarusianceleste says:

    I also believe el Maestro has to start living with the times and at least try the 3 CB 2 laterales set-up now and then. Still unclear about the 3d CB though

    Current score: 0
  3. NicoGF NicoGF says:

    a destroyer centre back hmmm… lemme think, do we have one? yeah alejandro gonzalez from peñarol (the guy who marked neymar in libertadores first and second leg). neymar couldnt do anything till he injured gonzalez. as a number five yeah lets go with ribair, or maybe NOVIC from peñarol? (he plays good but is short i guess). chino recoba could get some minites in uruguay LCB b team lol. ok in fact as i said, i just pick nacho, you guys pick the rest. would u like an article like this? maybe we should start also a poll on which B players need to be called up and then we create the article with the team. i leave it in your hands i iybr

    Current score: 2
  4. NicoGF NicoGF says:

    i really like zalayeta, rolin, nacho, carlos sanchez & mora. they could help us a lot. the rest of the team is correct, maybe we should add a more secure goalkeeper to backup muslera. in fact, i would like to challenge EL MAESTRO vs LCB TEAM.. we could pick 11 players to play against uruguay ideal team.. lets do that for the next article ok???

    11 de memoria (el maestro) vs LCB (uruguay b team)

    LCB uruguay b team could be:
    ok all say 1 player.. i will pick nacho as an out-and-out defacto play-maker and you guys pick the rest.. carlitos sanchez should be there for sure.
    _________zalayeta____mora (tanque silva?)

    ____ramires______________c. sanchez
    ___________goicochea or munua

    im just giving ideas, this team maybe sucks, JUST DONT REMOVE NACHO, AND IM HAPPY, that might be next article for lcb.. lets help out el maestro and see who wins in a poll lol but lets select a good B side for him to make up his mind in this idea

    Current score: 4
    • Yorugua Yorugua says:

      You’re centre-backs are essentially the same type of player… organizing centre-backs (in the Diego Godin mode)… you need to find a Sweeper-Destroyer in the Lugano mode.

      Where is Freitas? Rosario Central? Are they even playing him??? Ribair Rodriguez is probably a better solution to ” el 5″ quagmire. We have to wait and see if he gets minutes in Boca Jrs. Otherwise you’ll have to propose some other names.

      BTW start using Football user, get with the times… your lineups look so prehistoric. If you still insist on Nacho, at least start using some some web tools to make it more digestible 😉

      Current score: 2
    • belarusianceleste says:

      Polenta as a LB? I’d rather put Arias there than a sweeper CB. The guy’s too slow and heavy for a laterale, but he is a great CB, no wonder Italy wanted him. Kagelmacher looks like the future, I’d really love to see him progress, the bloke’s got the talent and the vision. Goico looked like a hockey goalie without a club these past 2 games, and he can’t cope with the psychological pressure, the sneaky Dutch are too good with that. I think his time at Roma has drawn to a close after Zeman has left. I’m bearish on him, but bullish on Sosa, he deserves a call-up, at least he consistently shows his class for a more solid club than Munoz. Munua only has 1-2 good years ahead of him, that Costa Rican sub at Levante will brush him off pretty soon, so he isn’t a good option right now either.

      Current score: 1
  5. danubiano says:

    man these last couple of articles have been awsome keep up the good work…

    every one has been correct…. he should have a team B…. he should look a bit more to the uruguayan league…. and he should deffinetly look at uruguayans in south america…..

    funny how we all see it yet tabarez dont i onder if theres more to this or his just stubborn

    surely there is a work horse a ball winner in uruguay he can call up on now that perez and rios are getting old

    Current score: 4
    • in_your_bright_ray in_your_bright_ray says:

      Thank you very much for your kind words 😉

      Current score: 2
  6. in_your_bright_ray in_your_bright_ray says:

    Exactly that’s the whole point. Why is it that Tabarez more than any coach in the last 2 decades steered well clear from local players? Yes the league itself isn’t of an extremely high standard yet neither is the Paraguayan league were Tabarez calls up 4 players from that said league on a regular occassion. Uruguay is not that good but the Paraguayn league isn’t a step up either! There must be a reason to it.
    But take into consideration Gaston Ramirez. Ramirez was begging for a call up at Penarol, the second he went to Bologna Tabarez came knocking on his door. And Farerets you are spot on with the Argentinian league players. He only called up 3 players during that time from Argentina…Seba Fernandez (Banfield), Rodrigo Lopez (Velez) and Juan Manuel Diaz (Estudiantes). Do those 3 deserve more of a call up then Tanque Silva, Rodrigo Mora, Sebastian Sosa or Carlos Sanchez? And Alvaro Perriera only started playing with Uruguay once he was in Europe. Alvaro was doing quite fine at Argentinos Juniors but once he was in FC Cluj in Romania of all places, then he started getting called up. It’s not that Tabarez ignores players but picks the wrong ones at times.

    Current score: 3
  7. Farerets Farerets says:

    I don’t think Tabarez is arrogant. The sad true is that the present level of Uruguayan League is disasterous. No player with real talent and serious ambitions stays there for long, it is now only for mediocrities and home longing veterans. But the problem is the Tabarez not only overlooks players from the local league but from the Argentine league, too. A few of Argentine based guys could have made the squad better.

    Current score: 5
  8. Maldoror55 Maldoror55 says:

    Tabarez neeeds to create La Celeste B team consisting of local players and those engaged on the Continent.They need to play with other American national teams whenever possible.And also sometimes against A team,when there is no possibility for a better rival.Also this B team could be an aggregate from which coukd be selected local and Continental players to adopt easily to the A team.
    The same is doing Argentina,Brazil,even Chile,Mexico,Columbia.They often play against each other and other American teams,with local players.
    Why we¸are o lazy to do this.To do more work,also on the level of selection,like it should be done on the level of national division(8 clubs play offs for championship,and also for relegation,even considering some regional Rio-platense league).Just to play in some friendly fancy cups(against some Paraguayans),is not serious improvement of play,because they both play it recreatively like a training.
    More work has to be done.We are too lazy.

    Current score: 3
    • Yorugua Yorugua says:

      Most NTs have B-sides, but with Uruguay in desperation mode, fighting to move up to 4th place and avoid a slide to 6th, now is not the time to set-up a working B-side. I also suspect the club sides would be the biggest roadblock to a B-side which would be at the disposal of the NT manager on a weekly basis.

      Interesting though, the idea had been floated when Tabarez was resigned to a new contract but the Old Man killed it. The Club sides essentially want to use the NT to “showcase” their players… I dunno. I believe fully in the merits of a B-side, the kind Gusztáv Sebes created for the 1954 Hungarian national team – but Uruguay’s economy, the ineffectiveness of the AUF president and the meddling club sides might be the answers as to why Uruguay doesn’t have one at the moment.

      Current score: 2
    • celeste24283050 says:



      Current score: 1

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