As it must every year, the LCB Awards were held. Of course we got a Podcast out of it, of course the Podcast dragged on too long but there were prizes to be given out dammit, some deserved, some maybe not so deserved. This year the Awards were decided by Twitter, which is where you’ll find me most of the time but enough about Twitter lets get on with the LCB Awards!

If you speak Castellano, then feel free to venture into our Podcast below, we kept it nice and sweet, 21 minutes or thereabouts:

For all the Lazy Gringos who flunked out of Spanish, here’s a recap of what happened.

So thanks to two Twitter accounts, Que Vuelva La Celeste de Antes and Torreira es Uruguayo many people voted and decided the winners of 3 of our awards. Of course Que Vuelva La Celeste de Antes trolled the shit out of our first award, the Manager of the Year. The candidates we presented were Defensor’s Acevedo, Peñarol’s Ramos, Pablo Bengoechea (Alianza Lima) and of course our favorite curmudgeon, Oscar Tabárez.

Tabárez won the award despite only mustering 2 wins for the entire year, although Tabárez technically got us into the World Cup, it was a so-so year for Uruguay, in fact during the Podcast we were hard pressed to find a Game of the Year involving the National Team, enough so that we skipped that award this year. So although the People have spoken, sometimes the People don’t know Shit!

The Player of the Year was far less controversial, Cavani crushed the competition, although I think Lucas Torreira deserved this award, Cavani did have a great year and his award is rightfully deserved. Cavani also nabbed the Gol of the Year, this award was selected by LCB’s very own Nico, who chose Cavani’s back-heel goal vs Caen on December 20 of this year.

Finally we moved on to “La Verdad de La Milanesa” – Once again, Que Vuelva La Celeste De Antes, trolled the shit out of this award, and despite stronger candidates like Torreira, Valverde and Bentancur, Rodrigo Amaral emerged the unlikely winner. While I think Amaral is incredibly talented, perhaps he did not deserve this award but maybe some folks here probably felt he did deserve it.

So its a wrap on 2017. As we all know, there won’t be much going on here in January or February, maybe when the China Cup gets going, LCB might begin to register a pulse once again, hopefully Torreira will be capped. Anyway, Happy New Years, go easy on the Bubbly and don’t drink and drive, I would also add, don’t drink and drive and listen to this Podcast at the same time…. Nobody wants that!


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Agree with POY and GOY but…… COY – OWT ??? In 2017, he was 2-2-2 (W-L-D), for 8 points out of 18 or 44%. By comparison, in 2015, he was 3-1-0 (9 points out of 12 or 75%) And in 2016, he was 4-2-2 (14 points out of 24 or 58%) Also, in 2017, he was 0-3-1 in Friendlies (2 GF – 8 GA). BTW, that means 4 friendlies in which to call up Torreira (who been under his watch for a year, supposedly) So, 2-5-3 overall for the year. Coito actually won the South American U20 and Uruguay U20… Read more »

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