El PalitoCue in “Staying Alive” by the Bee Gees… Uruguay is still alive, still in it, the suffering continues… say what you want about the South American World Cup Qualifiers, they drag on too long, there’s way too much biased refereeing, referees get bribed, heck even teams get bribed (Peru ?)  but even with these distracting truths, the CONMEBOL qualifiers are the most exciting in the planet, think about it, there are 3 to 4 teams battling for a 5th place spot, a 5th place spot!!!... Could anyone have predicted that Ecuador would leapfrog over Uruguay 3 months ago? and then Argentina? What the hell is going on in South America… but this is by far the most entertaining qualifier tournament since the 2002 World Cup qualifiers. That Uruguay is still in the hunt is amazing considering how horrible Uruguay has been, Uruguay will face Ecuador next and the last two games will not be for the faint of heart, but welcome to South American World Cup Qualifying!

Uruguay is back in sixth place, while Argentina slipped to fifth place, this despite having the best player in the world, Leo Messi… unbelievable; the Uruguay vs Argentina match is projected to be the most savage clásico played in a while… but before we can even contemplate how that game will be, Uruguay has to go to Quito and take care of Ecuador who walked in all “loosey-goosey” into La Paz and got a 3-1 win. Its too bad The famous Argentinean magician Tu Sam is dead, maybe he could have hypnotized Uruguay to pull the same trick Ecuador pulled today on Bolivia… but “boludeces” aside, if Uruguay plays as hard as they did today, anything is possible.

The Colombia Match

What about Uruguay? Alvaro “Palito” Periera was the man of the match in my opinion, the game was an all around mess (too many negatives, see below comments) but Palito’s play in the second half changed the tempo and enabled Uruguay to pull out one of those “gut-it-out” wins, almost as satisfying as the Paraguay win earlier this year… The Palito cross to Scotti was a little gem, why Tabarez has buried this guy as a Left Back when he belongs upfront is beyond me, clearly its time to reconsider Cebolla not playing as your left wing and playing him more in an enganche position (maybe?) but Palito did all the hard work in the second half… truly a four star performance from Palito. And yes I did celebrate when “Big Mouth” Eguren scored, how could you not? It was a classic exclamation point goal to a well earned win against a strong Colombian opponent who kept growing as the game progressed.


Alvaro Pereira, with the ejection of Valdez and then the Colombian defender Gutierrez, Palito moved up front along with Cebolla, the last 20 minutes, Pereira & Forlan won the game for Uruguay.

Precise Substitutions… this time “Mr.Magoo” (thank you AndPandS) was paying attention and was Fossati-like in his substitutions, taking out Cavani who fumbled a whole bunch of easy passes, but why Cavani was even playing as a right wing begs an explanation from Tabarez… the kid was completely out of his element — the ejection of Valdez forced Tabarez into action, so he brought out Scotti, whose header in the 2nd half gave Uruguay the 2-1 lead after Colombia had managed the temporary game-time draw. “Mr. Magoo” then brought out everyone’s favorite Uruguayan, Sebastian Eguren whose “stumble-while-I-walk” goal even forced me to go bat-shit and scream my lungs out in celebration.

Diego Forlan—clearly brought some much needed leadership to a squad that has been drifting into oblivion, his pass to Eguren was classic… only negatives are the usual Forlan negatives, too much passing the ball back, too many passes that miss their mark, but the guy put the team on his shoulders and maybe the whole country’s World Cup aspirations when clearly someone needed to do that.


Juan Castillo, allowed a header from Jackson Martinez, which showed why you need a taller goalkeeper, Castillo is too short, Martinez towered over Castillo and Castillo keeps doing all those frustrating bush-league plays like toying with the ball and then picking it up before the Colombians got to the ball. The camera at one point showed El Maestro’s reaction and clearly El Maestro did not like it either. I don’t recall Carini for all his faults ever engaging in game time stupidities like that.

Carlos Valdez, horrible & unnecessary tackle against a Colombian player that could paralyzed the player had it been launched a second or too earlier… clearly a neanderthal 80’s type defender in the Jose Batista mold, unless Uruguay likes to play a man short all the time, Valdez and players like him (Godin) should be excluded from future squads.

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  1. NicoGF NicoGF says:

    KarlAnko, are you o.k bro?

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  2. Morrongo_Canada says:

    Well said KarlAnko….I got my “olla & cucharon” ready!

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  3. izzy izzy says:

    castillo stinks, & its not because he’s short.. any cross into the small should be the goalies’ ball.. he does not know how to come out of his net. The 2nd goal they scored on him in Venezuela was totally his fault, he does not know how to set up a proper wall, the wall was not covering his left side, the venezuelan didnt curl it in.. he shot straight to the opening. Muslera is the same as castillo, he likes to stay in his net. Personally i like the old school goalies who control the area & come out on all crosses either with a punch or to catch the ball( its not an easy thing to do ) but those are the goalies that command respect. We dont have any decent goalies anymore, i guess i would put silva or muñoz just b/c they play on their teams & are starters ?? who knows. I’m tired of seeing these lame goals against us, how many points have we lost already b/c of the goalie ?

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  4. KarlAnko says:

    As this place is an asylum for many, so are bars, cafes, and living rooms around the world where Uruguayans of all generations and types chat, yell, grind their teeth and continue to hope. Futbol.com.uy’s headline last night was: ¿Quién dijo que todo está perdido?. Yeah o.k. we are King Kong again. Come on it seems that rarely the headline is objective – for example today can you imagine these as headlines: “here we go again” – or “was this to hard to do last game” even better “so do we think ol’Tabarez can go 2 for 2”. Somehow the moment we win a game I repeat a game we have 3 balls again, however as destiny has shown – 2 of those balls get kicked off the very next game! Then we start the process again. It’s like being on a bad acid trip. We constantly seem to loose focus and keep hoping.

    Come on lets get real, as Yorugua alludes (excellent note guy!) – there are so many things that have deteriorated the Uruguayan Celeste fiber that it’s hard to fathom how it still holds. Yet here we stand all still in hope. That is just not enough. I think we need to come to the reality that the problem is deep rooted and that it goes back several decades. I love it because I hear people going; “we were not that bad in the seventies and eighties”. That’s right not that bad – but still bad. This keeps dragging on and growing! While we, all on the outside keep fixing the problem that never gets fixed. Shit they put AIDS under control faster then we can put the Celeste back on track.

    On top of it all – we do all this while being emotionally screwed up from decades of little ups and enormous smack downs. But whenever we have a chance we tend to carry the arrogance of champs yet knowing that we are in the hands of a group of cowards (AUF and crew) that can let us down at any moment. It’s part of our idiosyncrasy now, to do things little by little – we well know we won things sometime ago and we believe in it. Nobody has told us that, it’s not a fable, so why are we all waiting for someone else to come and truly fix all that is wrong and make it all good again – resulting in the Celeste being back! Pssst… wake the f…k up!!!! It’s not going to happen – I know it’s not going to happen, but I also know we can either continue here blogging and waiting or get up ‘n’ arms. I don’t understand, our history shows that we can destroy the entire country to put in a new government but we can’t torch the AUF – it’s like Planet of the Apes remember – the forbidden zone!!!

    I think as a people we need to be more logical and objective about La Celeste (this blog is an outstanding start – great work guys!) and get involved to make a difference, instead of seeing it as a foreign distant unreachable thing to only talk and write about. Letting a bunch of crooks look after our destiny. That goes from the directors to managers and even the players – if a player doesn’t put on the Celeste to die on the field standing up and only does it for money then exterminate him he’s a cockroach – shit cockroaches in Uruguay fly.

    My thought is we need to be more mindful – Our thoughts should be along the following lines – yes we have been champs, however today we are not. Looking into the future – we should not think of then (unless it’s to pay respect) but of tomorrow and face every team thinking – we will give them a run for their money, we will haunt their thoughts and make them believe that we are their weakness and show them of why we once were champs! Each player should be put on the line and if this is not what they are willing to do – OUT! I think we should also come to terms with the fact that everyone knows that we don’t play the cleanest and that we are tuff as nails. Therefore let’s get conditioning to use this in our favor and quit being lukewarm – perhaps get German training or management – oh sorry… Uruguayan trainers and managers are from the forbidden zone therefore untouchable!

    We, those on the outside, need to get in and start demanding things we would like to see. However, I think we need to let this Mundial go – because even if we get there, in the state we are in… “What are we going to do?” No, let’s go when – even if we know we could not win the cup – we can at least, and proudly, be a nemeses and nightmare to the greatest, dignified and proud of our actions. Yes I’m an abstract thinker – however let’s bring our conversations to a reality, get out of the bar, café, living room and get real – quit dreaming – start to bitch where it counts, complain and do what we got to do with force in order to get results. Lets get out of this bullshit state of mind we are in and lets bring back the Charrua! My kids and yours deserve to see a Celeste that stands tall. Now we are on our knees even when we win (like yesterday). Face it we may never win a world cup again but let’s be proud of being Celeste before during after every game – something we know we are not right now – lets get to that point that even for those games we loose we are still proud with reason and honor, not like the Peru fiasco of Saturday. As Uruguayans we need to advance our way of thinking regarding competition and understand that there is nothing too far – also that every Uruguayan team is first of the people and owes duty to the people therefore we the people have the right to demand! So when they the players the organization and its directors kill our history little by little – we the people need to put a stop to that – because la Celeste is yours and mine just as much as it is Paco’s – shit did you notice his name alone stands for liar!

    With that in mind we need to clean house starting at the governing palace (that place called AUF “the forbidden zone”). It’s time we the people stop this 50 year old round about intellectual crap and go for the Jugular or their balls (no not that because they don’t have any!). So how do we become our mothers, grandmothers and aunts of the past who put a dictatorship on their knees? How do we unite and go out on the street and how do we make a difference – How do we bitch from Australia to the U.S.A from Spain to Chile and Argentina via Canada to the Streets of Uruguay where ever we Uruguayans stand… How do we finally make ourselves heard OUT LOUD! We only go out when we win big things not when we miss out on them. I say let’s go out on the street before the game with Ecuador and Argentina and demonstrate we are up to our ears in AUF shit and that we can’t take it any more!
    Right now I have a heavy pot by my hand and the biggest spoon I could find – if my grandmother could bring down a dictatorship like this, we can bring down the AUF and… that mo-fo with initials P.C.
    Via this medium and other networks we can get organized and build a force. Let us the people get whoever is responsible and put them in la Pza Independencia and stone them like the did Muzzolini – yeah, yeah, it’s far fetched but wouldn’t it be nice to give el Paco a good one between the eyes.
    Yesterday we won yet I’m pissed off because we could and should have done this for the past several games. Why Paraguay (with all do respect to our Guarani compadres – oh, and thank you for the mate) and not us! Let’s stop the farce… I hope you are ready because I am… for our kids, but also for the old that are still holding on …
    Long live our Sky-Blue and God Bless our Land – Fuerza Uruguay y Tiranos Temblad!

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  5. Yorugua Yorugua says:

    True he was the best and I see your point but…

    If Uruguay qualifies (which I doubt) since Argentina will play Peru next at home… and Ecuador will win the next match… while Brazil may play with reserve players against Venezuela, it’s highly unlikely Uruguay will even reach the 5th spot, the Clásico might not even matter—but lets say Uruguay does qualify, I would still rather have Muslera as the starter for the WC, Castillo for me (as far as I’m concerned) is over, just like Viera & Carini… the best goal keeper I have seen so far has been Julio Cesar* in these qualifiers… and Johnny Boy can’t hold a candle to Julio Cesar. Muslera is good but I don’t see El Maestro starting him for the last two games.

    *The Butron save in the Peru match was pretty good but then he eats 3 goals from Venezuela… So its Julio Cesar all the way.

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  6. AandPandS says:

    Another short keeper…..Ladislao Mazurkiewicz. And he was our best ever. Height doesnt mean much, its the quality of the keeper.

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  7. Yorugua Yorugua says:

    John Castle (lol) by any other name is still too short… lets get a little taller in that position… nice to see Muslera in the final images hugging Pereira… maybe this on-camera cameo can lead to bigger and better things.

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  8. AandPandS says:

    The problem with Castillo is not height. I cringe when people think height is a prerequisite for a good keeper. The goal against Venezueala was not his fault (it was a good goal from a free kick specialst, one which we dont have!), the goal against Peru was not his fault (Godin being the animal that he is passed it back to him badly that put him under pressure) but the goal against Colombia…his fault!
    Height had nothing to do with it, Castillo came out badly. Let me explain. Instead of trying to catch the ball he should have punched it with 1 fist (or both if he could get enough purchase on it), that way he can get more spring in his leap. Plus that ball was not a catchable ball, there was no way he was gonna win the ball by catching it, punching it would have been much more effective…however, Castillo’s main error in the goal was THE WAY in which he came for the ball. Castillo had absolutely no strength or dominance in the challenge at all!!! He came out a loser before he jumped, its clear in the way he came for it. His knee wasnt up to protect himself, his arms wernt direct and strong for the ball, he body was twisted which is a weakness in airial contests, it was as if he was scared of the big CULOmbian about to ramm into him. Not a good sign! I remember seeing Penarol vs Defensor and seeing him come out badly like that for a ball that was never his which became a Penarol goal. And against Bolivia in La Paz the 2nd goal was his fault cause it was keepers ball all the way. I think we found out that John Castle (Juan Castillo to you and me) main problem is in the air. He doesnt know how and when to come for a ball… Something which Carini never had a problem with.

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  9. thebigfeller thebigfeller says:

    That’s more like it! A bit of optimism – because somehow, we’re still in this! What I think will happen now is we’ll draw in Quito, just like four years ago, and Argentina will beat Peru. Venezuela are also becoming a worry: I can see them winning both their remaining home games (in the first, they’re currently 1-1 at half time), meaning Brazil could end up throwing their final game to knock both their great rivals out!

    I also think Argentina will surely fire Maradona. They have to: they’re in desperate trouble. But that won’t be good for us, especially if Bianchi replaces him. As it is though, our goal difference gives us a chance – and may leave us needing to win the final game, while Argentina need a draw. That would be the biggest Uruguay-Argentina game since 1986; and arguably, 1930!

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