There’s a great line in the movie “Contagion” where someone, I forget who, says “Blogging is not writing. It’s graffiti with punctuation.” Something which we can also apply to comments but there are certain comments that stay with you. And there was one comment said here on this Blog a while back, I forget who said it (geez what’s going on with my memory?) but anyway someone once said that Diego Forlán will be our Roger Milla in the 2014 World Cup. Hmmm…

Its an interesting comment, regardless of who said it. Milla who scored 4 goals in the 1990 World Cup, did so at the ripe old age of 38 – Forlán will be 35 assuming he is selected for to play for Uruguay in the 2014 World Cup. So the idea is that Forlán, 3 years younger than Milla was in 1990, will have a special World Cup in 2014 – and why shouldn’t he? This is a player who twice led La Liga in scoring, this is a player who played in the Brasileirão and whose been an intricate part of the Sky-Blue since 2002.

Roger Milla (left) parties at the 1990 World Cup. Diego Forlán (right) gets ready for the 2014 World Cup.

Age is only a number: a 38 year-old Roger Milla (left) parties at the 1990 World Cup. A 35 year-old Diego Forlán (right) gets ready for the 2014 World Cup.

And then there’s a lot of things when it comes to Blondie that many people take for granted, many historical moments – he scored on his debut with the Sky-Blue jersey, scored in his first World Cup appearance (45 minutes against Senegal) and went on to score 5 goals in his first complete World Cup (2010) – besides the Golden Ball trophy he bagged for his World Cup performance, he went on to become Uruguay’s all-time most capped player and was the first to break Hector Scarone’s 80 year old most goals scored for Uruguay (a record now held by Luis Suárez). Forlán for the longest time was a special player, the records he went on to achieve with Uruguay were well deserved and should be applauded.

The Forlán most of us remember however is not so much the Diego Forlán who put the team on his back and almost willed us to a World Cup final, that talismanic Forlán has been replaced by an aging player – slower, stubborn… not quite the electrifying player most of us discovered in the 2002 World Cup.

Down 3 goals to Senegal in the 2002 World Cup, who in their right mind would turn to a youth player to reverse the tide? But that’s exactly what occurred. In came Forlán in the 2nd half and brought a whole different dynamic to the game. Suddenly a win was possible. Say what you want about Victor Púa, but it was a different era back then, everyone got a chance to play, of course that being said, everyone got to come back home early as well. But there was hope. Hope that youth players could contribute. Something Forlán did thanks to Púa, a dozen years back.

Not quite the sentiment nowadays, under Oscar Tabárez, the youth option is an evil word. Forlán will probably be taken but at what cost? And to preserve what exactly? A memory? A legacy? This is a different era. If there are youth players who could contribute on this World Cup squad – especially the number of players that can be plucked out of the Under-20 Side – none will get the chance that Forlán got in 2002, that much is clear.

Lets assume of course that there is a chance, that Uruguay’s upcoming friendly matches will feature maybe one or two players (besides Gimenez) from the Under-20 side that reached the Under-20 World Cup Final? Unless Tabárez is playing his cards close to his chest, it’s highly unlikely he’ll cap a player like Nicolás López, De Arrascaeta, Laxalt or Diego Rolán. Two games, especially against Slovenia and Northern Ireland won’t tell Tabárez much unless he’s grading on a scale.

Now lets consider another opinion, is capping Forlán the worst thing out there? No, certainly not. If Forlán is inheriting El Loco Abreu’s elder statesman role, OK, I guess we can all live with that call-up. But what if, what if a catastrophe occurs? What if we lose Suárez or Cavani, or maybe both, is this our Plan B? Diego Forlán? And can we live with that?

Well this is where we have to consider some other variables: this will be Forlán’s third World Cup, had Uruguay qualified to the 2006 World Cup, this would have been his fourth World Cup! And then we have to consider all those accolades that are associated with the global Forlán brand. Uruguay never had a player like Forlán, Cameroon did, they had Milla; he set the bar pretty high, in Cameroon at least. In Uruguay, taking Forlán is a double-edged sword. You take him, you know he has the talent but does he have the goods anymore? Good question… Does he?

Forlán can be our Roger Milla, no question about it but he can also be our albatross, does this Uruguay side even need an elder statesman striker anymore? Tabárez has always found room for at least one fogey on his World Cup rosters, in fact all of his World Cup squads have had at least one: Alzamendi in 1990; Abreu in 2010. But in 2014 is that idea even practical? The basic idea of “El Equipo de Memoria” is that the players who took part in the 2010 World Cup will have had the experience of 2010 on which to recall on, in other words the foundation has been set. Does Cavani need a referential point at this moment in his career? Does Suárez? I doubt it. Forlán represents a nice idea, perhaps a romantic one and in a perfect world he should be rewarded for the time he’s put in for Uruguay but think about this… in 2014 a younger Forlán wouldn’t even make this team because an older player already took his spot, even though that old player is named Diego Forlán.

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  1. AussieCeleste AussieCeleste says:

    I totally support the idea of Forlan in the squad because I know that if either Suarez or Cavani gets injured or suspended he can slot in seamlessly.

    In addition, in the event that Uruguay gets out of the group we need to prepare for the eventuality of extra time.

    The most likely Round of Sixteen opponents are Colombia or Ivory Coast (both of whom have centre-backs who are almost 40 years old) or maybe Japan.

    I would be quite happy with the idea of starting with Suarez and Cavani, but we all know that Cavani’s role requires him to do huge amounts of running. If the match was tied at 1-1 (or 0-0) after 70 minutes I’d be very happy to see Forlan replace a tired Cavani for what might be 20 or 50 minutes against tiring defenders.

    But balance is important.

    You can’t have Lugano, Perez and Forlan on the pitch at the same time without slowing the team down so badly that defeat is ensured.

    My preference, now that Cristoforo is out, is for all three to be reserves in the squad, but an absolute requirement that no more than 2 of them be on the pitch at any given time.

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    • AussieCeleste AussieCeleste says:

      And before you ask, the answer to your question is “Kolo Toure”.

      I grew up a Man City fan, and when City bought him in 2009 for 14 million pounds he was supposedly 28 years old but the medical team eventually concluded that he was around 33-35 years of age, which would make him between 38 and 40 now.

      Just like Andres Scotti.

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  2. NicoGF NicoGF says:

    who recommends any player from river plate uru? they will probably win this clausura and the final vs danubio. there is no doubt the best teams here are, as to how they play: river, defensor, danubio, peñarol, nacional. in that order. so i wonder, are you getting impressed by one or two players from river or is it their system which makes them look so good? i bet there’s quality there.

    so forlan as plan b? no i dont like that, maybe as plan “c”. de arrascaeta these days is a lot better, faster, stronger, a lot more dangerous than a tiring forlan. but yeah he deserves his spot in the world cup roster as he is a striker and de arrascaeta is an attacking midfielder.

    total football means that any player can rotate roles simultaneously, in order to conserve the system and attack with less risks, and you need polyfunctional players which river has. so lets pay attention to them i suggest. their full-backs can both attack, their midfielders can pass and run, rotate, shield the ball and defend. the attack is normal and they lack some finishing but it is pleasant to the eye watch them play considering the conditions of the pitches in uruguay. i dunno maybe their full-backs or wingers are worth taking.

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    • NicoGF NicoGF says:

      remember that you dont play football with names, the current form of a player is what should be considered, and forlan’s, nowadays, is not very promising.

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  3. AussieCeleste AussieCeleste says:

    Nico, with respect I disagree, and I wish I didn’t!

    I’d love Uruguay to play total football and to have lots of great local players, but the quality just isn’t there, at least for 2014.

    The exit of Cristoforo took away the last chance of anything other than a strategy of hanging on with 35% possession and praying that Suarez and Cavani put away their chances.

    Their simply are not the polyvalent players there. Even the ones who can play more than one position are defence-based (Caceres, Palito, Mono, Alejandro Silva).

    As for De Arrascaeta, yes, he’s in my 30, my 23 and my starting 11.

    Forlan to me has NEVER been a midfielder: he was simply a very fit striker with a very good mind and two good feet. And he is my reserve striker, not my number 10.

    But all my life I’ve seen strikers who are past their best rolling back the years for one final hurrah at the World Cup. In 1990, Roger Milla was 38 and Gary Lineker was almost 30 but had lost his key weapon, his pace, and was like the 2014 Fernando Torres.

    In fact, Torres won the Euro’2012 Golden Ball when he was still only 28 but had as many miles on the clock as most 34 year olds.

    So yes, I’d start with Cavani and Suarez in attack, with Cebolla and De Arrascaeta behind them and Gargano and Arevalo Rios as my double pivot.

    But Forlan may have lost his acceleration, but his brain is still quicker than anyone else in the team, and I’m very happy with him as back-up for Suarez and Cavani, although if pace is required I’d consider bringing on La Joya and in certain circumstances I’d go with Stuani.

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    • Aridres says:

      Maybe I’m just making myself feel better about the Cristoforo injury, but the system was not going to change for this WC if Cristoforo was miraculously inserted into the starting XI; if anything, he probably would have replaced Gargano as Arevalo-Rios’ double-pivot partner. This was never going to be a ball-control team with OWT, but attacking midfielders like Ramirez and De Arrascaeta would make Uruguay far more creative in attacks and counter-attacks; this is where Uruguay was always going to be dangerous this WC, so giving Tata or Eguren any sort of playing time is the much more egregious mistake to me.

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  4. Farerets Farerets says:

    All good about comparisments of Roger Milla and Diego Forlán, the only problem is that Cameroon only qualified for quarterfinal in Italia’90 and I guess it is below ambitions of the present Celeste team.

    Forlán in Abreu role four years ago? I’m fine with that. And remember that El Loco then also managed to play his important part, after all…

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  5. Maldoror55 Maldoror55 says:

    Very,very great article Yorugua.And deep thinking question what would be if.You have a talent for dialectic thinking,not quite common in our flatworld.Thinking in pair of opposites.Yes what would be if new Forlan appears and couldn’t get into the team because of old one?The question of whether stability is always good?Just like life always carries with itself a seed of death,so the stability always carries with itself the seed of petrification,stubborness,narrow mindedness,and danger of being known by everyone and frustrated by everyone.There are no surprises inovations in Uruguayan team.Everyone could know every our player all through,including his dietary habits.We are open book.And also the team becomes old,not motivated,self-assuured of granted place in a team whatever the quality of the player is.This rottenness,and calcination of team’s blood vessels was obvious in firendly against Austria,which was disaster,I watched the recorded clip on youtube.
    On the other side the liberal openness for new players although not bringing stability could bring new players,who could later be good material for conservatives like Tabarez,for making good and stable team.
    I propose changes like in politics.8(2 mandates) years of ruling liberals,and 8 years of conservatives to stabilize all creative innovations,and varieties of talented players that were brought out by liberals.
    The 8 years of rule of conservatives is finishing this year.
    Its time of great rejuvenation of one calcinated,slow motioned team.Suarez and Cavani are underplayed because of this.

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    • NicoGF NicoGF says:

      great comment. btw, you are good scouting players, what are for you the main characteristic a good player needs? to me is shielding the ball, being able to be pollyfunctional, and of course, age. please name me 2 interesting options from wanderers uru and two from river plate uru. as they are the teams at the moment that can play modern football.. sometimes i hear “uruguay should play counterattacking, thats how we won world cups” i find it ridiculous, we won 60 years ago.. is football the same? is science the same as 60 years ago? 60 years ago we did not know the Moon personally…. things have changed, we need to adapt. it is not about a playing style, it is about modernization, we need an update, you can’t win a world cup without good passing. you may say… italy 2006? they had totti, del piero, andrea pirlo

      how to know if a player has mastered the skill of shielding the ball correctly? as the main thing he does not let opponent “touch” his back:

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  6. AussieCeleste AussieCeleste says:

    We are all under the spell of 1950, but if Uruguay reaches the Quarter-Finals then I think that the initial mission is accomplished.

    It is too easy to over-estimate the strength of the eleven who will be on the pitch: Suarez, Cavani, Godin and Caceres are the only 4 international-quality players.

    Consider Gaston Ramirez: he played a lovely pass for Southampton’s fourth goal today, but at the club he is a reserve for Lallana, Rodriguez and Lambert, each of whom will be lucky to scrape into the England squad.

    Uruguay has a weaker squad than Argentina, Brazil, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Belgium and probably Colombia. It is roughly the ninth best squad, but because there are only 4 top class players there is really no capacity to survive injury or suspension of any of those four.

    That’s before you factor in Uruguay’s lack of pace and pig-headed refusal to drop Lugano, which to be honest probably means that several other countries of similar strength leapfrog Uruguay – Mexico, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Portugal and possibly even Russia.

    Uruguay does have strengths that they don’t: experience, a settled team and above all Cavani and Suarez.

    But unless De Arrascaeta goes, and shocks the world, Uruguay will have done well if it exits at the Quarter Final stage.

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    • NicoGF NicoGF says:

      lets be honest aussie, uruguay will be lucky to escape the group cause it means we will have to eliminate england. de arrascaeta needs to be here, at least to try something new, cause at this level we can’t defeat austria, and believe me, england are stronger. our group is very demanding, if we can escape it, everything is possible. once again, we got the most difficult group, or the second one, cause chile-holland-spain is even more demanding.

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    • Chinatown Kid Chinatown Kid says:

      Good comment – a quarterfinal appearance would be decent, Maracanazo 2 is at this point a dream but not reality. OWT is pragmatic… And he’s been underselling a second Maracanazo, so if we take him at his word it probably won’t happen… Not that it was going to happen with a different manager.

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    • Farerets Farerets says:

      Aussie: your comment is reasonable in many ways, however – if you consider Suárez, Cavani, Godín and Cáceres as Uruguay’s only international class players (I would definitely add Muslera to that list), how many do you think Argentina had back in 1986? And is the present class of Luis Suárez in any way behind Maradona’s back then?

      Lugano, of course, is the weakest link. In 1986, Bilardo had balls to replace his declining centre back and captain Passarella with virtually unknown Brown, himself in his early 30s. Does OWT remember that case – and the outcome?

      De Arrascaeta must be added, everyone should see it now.

      Carma of 1950 or not, but I would be disappointed with quarterfinals exit. After all, Uruguay are South American champions and playing on their own continent. And yes, they have probably the very best player in the whole world at the moment. Btw, I’m going to Anfield in half an hour :-)

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    • plaga9celeste plaga9celeste says:

      i’m with farerets on this one.. i can see uruguay on a crescent wave to crash the semis.. these games change when they are played in the american continent.. we have a recent sample against a quality italian team in brasil last year.. we outplayed them and they tied the game on two free kicks, one particularly lucky..
      of course, uruguay will have to play better than then, come june.. suarez and cavani will have to be at the top of their game.. we still need a third man to be the liaison, our missing “enganche”, and we all dream that he could be real and had a complex “vasco” name..
      and sure, we all secretly hope (forgive us padre..) that la tota gets a nagging ankle injury, nothing major.. but long enough to sideline him for the tournament..

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  7. AussieCeleste AussieCeleste says:

    I don’t think that Tabarez arrives at the World Cup very far away from where he should be.

    Cavani-Suarez should have relegated Forlan to the bench a year earlier, but it’s happened now, so that’s okay.

    The last two remaining problems are starting with Lugano and giving too much game time to Diego Perez.

    Last year’s Under-20s have had their chance to prove themselves at their clubs and frankly haven’t developed as well as Pogba and their French peers.

    Cristoforo was the only one who was ready for the starting 11, but he is injured. De Arrascaeta has played beautifully for the last four weeks, but basically did nothing from June 2013 to February 2014. Nico Lopez and Diego Rolan are fringe players at their clubs and Diego Laxalt and Gimenez have failed to get any game time.

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  8. AussieCeleste AussieCeleste says:

    In 1986 Argentina had Maradona, who was the most gifted player of all time and was at his best.

    But they also had Valdano, who was Real Madrid’s striker and they had Burruchaga.

    And they were lucky that Mexico’s altitude and heat eliminated Denmark, France and Brazil, all of which were excellent sides.

    If Tabarez can find the guts to drop Lugano and play Caceres alongside Godin this team could go further than in 2010.

    But deep down, I know he won’t do it.

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    • Farerets Farerets says:

      Maradona, yes – but Valdano was not a world beater, even though he played for Real Madrid – and Burruchaga was a totally average striker, now everything but forgotten and only remembered for the winning goal in the final.

      Yes, Argentinians were lucky – but every winner needs some luck, also La Celeste. With luck on their sidem, they are capable to go all the way.

      Let’s see, whether Lugano can get a destiny of Passarella, who still travelled to Mexico but didn’t get one minute of action (I think he had some sort of infection but still insisted that he could play). I definitely prefer a different central defender – sorry Diego!

      Just back from Anfield, wonderful atmosphere, great football – Luisito is well on the way to secure Liverpool their first league championship in 24 years!

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  9. FourThreeThree FourThreeThree says:

    We all remember Milla of the 1990 World Cup. His story makes for a good movie but IMO not a plan B for a team with serious aspirations of performing well at the World Cup. I remember all too well Italy’s refusal to rejuvenate their 2006 WC team (and these guys were actually Champions, not 4th place finishers).

    Instead of playing the name game, would rather figure out what we need and see who fits the bill. Although Forlan played the role of the enganche, at his age, he is no longer comfortable with this role. If we are looking for goals, Forlan is not ripping up the J-League so it’s not as if he is “on fire”. We all know that our midfield are suspect so to a large extent we need forwards who can take half an opportunity and convert it into a goal. Forlan is not that kind of player. He does not have the speed anymore to surprise defenders. Nor is he the type of player who can aggressively press and steal the ball. We are used to having that gifted “10” who can take set pieces, but the reality is that at the moment, the best Uruguayan for set pieces is Suarez, although Cavani is no slouch. So, in that sense, he would not likely contribute either.

    The one big intangible that Forlan does have is the respect from referees and his team mates. Although Lugano was the officially the captain in 2010, the guy who the referees deferred to was Forlan. And this can be important in a close game, the difference between a call and a no call. And there is no doubt that there is a close bond between Forlan and Suarez, which can help Suarez keep a level head. I have no doubt that Tabarez will include him, specially since to some extent Forlan is the embodiment of that new Uruguayan garra.

    If we “had” to take a 30+ player, he would be the first on my list.

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    • Chinatown Kid Chinatown Kid says:

      “Had” to is a good way of putting it, on the whole “Forlan” stabilizes Suarez point, that was the case in 2010 and 2011 but do we need to take him now in 2014? Hasn’t Suarez matured to the point that he’s ready to lead? Certainly he’s shown a new level of maturity this season at Liverpool, his head seems to be in the right place. On Forlan being a better team captain than Lugano, I hear you and this is rarely considered but then it means not only taking Forlan, but starting him.

      On whether Tabarez will take him… I agree, it’s probably going to be a given. But I’m still thinking there may be a sacrificial lamb just like in 2010 (see Cebolla)… I don’t know whether it’ll be Lugano/Perez or Forlan. Tabarez prioritizes defense more than offense – so it’ll be interesting if any of his 30+ players get the cut, and by 30+ I’m referring to veterans of previous qualifier campaigns (not just 2010). Forlan, Perez and Lugano have racked up the most minutes on this squad. And while the world would be happy if Lugano gets the old heave-ho… will he? Of course it’s possible that a young player like Abel Hernandez gets cut to accommodate the old regime.

      Forlan does have qualities worth considering as you suggested – like I said, taking him isn’t the worst thing out there. I just have many doubts if there is new blood to be included that Tabarez will cut a defender to take someone like a De Arrascaeta or a Laxalt (not that I believe he’ll take those two players at all) … this is all strangely familiar with the Nacho call-up in 2010, that blew up in his face, did Tabarez learn his lesson or will he repeat the same mistake? Form is very important, talent is important as well but you can have all the talent in the world and if you’re not in form, it doesn’t really matter.

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  10. Maldoror55 Maldoror55 says:

    Today Damian Suarez has scored a goal for Elche from penalty kick.Against Villareal.Damian Suarez is standard starting up.Never subbed,only once missing a game because of red card.Together with Godin the most regular Uruguayan player in La Liga.I mean nobody mentioned him here.You guys are always talking Fucile,Fucile,and Fucile is for 2 years off the pitch.Does anybody knows where this Fucile plays?I think some 10 or even 12 years Uruguayan boy could say he has never heard of him.I think if you were once adopted in team by Tabarez,you need not to play anywhere,you could spend your life on pokermachines,or playing futsal,you wouold be called up strait to the campus.No matter what,Tabarez permanent solicitors team here on LCB will find a hole in the law,in order to defend him.

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  11. AussieCeleste AussieCeleste says:

    Isn’t it too late for Damian Suarez?

    Firstly, do Maxi Pereira and Alejandro Silva deserve to be dropped from the World Cup 23?

    Secondly, isn’t the only upside of Tabarez’ steady squad selections the fact that the team is almost like a club side in that they have played togather for years and years?

    Whether there is a Fucile problem is a different question, because for La Celeste he seems only to play at left-back, where the only alternatives are Palito and Caceres. And I think Caceres is needed more as Godin’s central defensive partner.

    My personal opinion is that against Costa Rica Tabarez is going to play 4-2-3-1 with a defence of Caceres-Godin-Lugano-Mono.

    But because the other two group games are against big opponents, I think that he will then immediately switch to 3-4-1-2 and stick with it for as long as Uruguay remains in the tournament.

    And in 3-4-1-2 there are wing-backs, not full-backs. And that means Mono or Alejandro Silva on the right flank and Palito on the left flank.

    Fucile’s role is as a polyvalent reserve full-back for either flank, and he’ll be better than Tata in either role.

    I don’t see how Damian Suarez can fit in, unless Mono or Alejandro Silva gets injured.

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    • Maldoror55 Maldoror55 says:


      There you again like a devils advocate.Trying ti impose to Damian Suarez that he could play only on right back position,while he is just like Caceres,and at the moment even better than him,able to play on both flanks.No is never late for him.It is too early for Fucile,since he is practically nowhere.
      And what about Mono?Is he permanently settled in one mediocree team like Benfica,better than someone who plays succesfully in La Liga?
      Silva on back position is also very,very undermining and limiting the quality of this very skillfull player.I would rather put Damian Suarez on left,and Caceres with Godin on Central defending,with the Turtle watching WC at home,than have disfunctional excess of Fucile in a team.Fucile in team!?Thats really bullsh.t!How many of such unemployed labour would Tabarez take with him?Oh I see,Tabarez is a communist,socially sensitive.Without him unemployed Fucile will starve to death.Who’s the next without a job?Players without a team,come here,Maestro has a job for you.

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  12. AussieCeleste AussieCeleste says:

    I’ve written before about 3-4-1-2.

    It all stems from the Copa America penalty shootout win against Argentina.

    If you remember, even though Ruso Perez got himself sent off the team still caused endless problems to Argentina because Suarez and Forlan were a constant thorn in their side.

    A more typical counter-attacking model nowadays is 3-4-3 (defending as 3-6-1) but that requires pacy wingers, which Uruguay just hasnb’t got.

    So instead the model will probably be 3-4-1-2, with Cebolla as the attacking midfielder. But that’s not my preference.

    My preference is for De Arrascaeta as the attacking midfielder, or Gaston Ramirez if necessary.

    Because opponents would have to man-mark Suarez and De Arrascaeta, but Cavani drifts so deep that he is almost impossible to man-mark, which is how he scored the first goal against Colombia at the Centenario.

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    • Chinatown Kid Chinatown Kid says:

      More than likely, the player he’ll plug in as the “pseudo–enganche” will be Lodeiro. Cebolla has been reborn as a midfield holder – but he could certainly handle the little playmaking duties an enganche has on a OWT coached side.

      De Arrascaeta is interesting, still, I can’t for the life of me see OWT selecting him. Sadly I think we all kinda know that OWT has his team already set.

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  13. NicoGF NicoGF says:

    tabarez callup: he believes he will defeat england with this team:

    3 muslera, martin silva, muñoz
    7 caceres, mono, godin, fucile, lugano, gimenez, alejandro silva
    8 arevalo, gargano, ruso, tata, lodeiro, ramirez, palito, cebolla
    5 suarez, cavani, forlan, abel, stuani

    my call-ups:
    3 muslera, martin silva, sosa
    7 caceres, mono, godin, fucile, lugano, gimenez, alejandro silva
    8 arevalo, gargano, tata, nacho gonzalez, ramirez, de arrascaeta, cebolla, lodeiro
    5 suarez, cavani, stuani, forlan, jona rodriguez

    _________de arrascaeta

    ramirez, nacho or cabecita for the second half

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    • Chinatown Kid Chinatown Kid says:

      Hate to disappoint you, but after that punch he threw in the Summer Clasico, your friend ruled himself out of el Maestro’s good graces.

      And your call ups would include Tata? Are you serious? You telling me if you had a chance to assemble a roster you would flex your newfound duties and responsibilities and select Tata?


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    • NicoGF NicoGF says:

      just as a back-up midfielder maybe, i already have a lot of attack. but i can live without tata yeah 😀 anyway maybe fifa will rule us out of the world cup, bauza is already fired or forced to quit.

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  14. Farerets Farerets says:

    If anyone forgot, Roger Milla, at the age of 42, was also called up for 1994 World Cup in the States – and he even scored a goal, as Cameroon was went out on the group stage with goal difference 3-11!

    And Forlán, at the time of 2018 World Cup in Russia, will not even be 40 – and if I understand his intentions correct, he plans to keep on playing until 40 at least! :-)

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    • Chinatown Kid Chinatown Kid says:

      I suspect you not only want Forlan to play in this World Cup but would also want him on the 2018 World Cup roster…


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  15. CeseOne CeseOne says:

    Once again in reality it doesn’t matter if Forlán plays. Our problem is the midfield. That is why Cavani’s and Suarez’s success does not mirror their success in Europe. If the ball can’t get to our forwards it does not matter if Jesus God’s son was the forward. Unless he’d use his powers to levitate the ball and pass it to himself. Forlán has a very high football IQ having him wouldn’t hurt us, or help us dramatically. Has anyone seen the news posted on Wondering if it’s true.

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    • NicoGF NicoGF says:

      yeah its truth. i dont think it will leave us out of the world cup, but fifa is thinking about it, maybe we receive another kind of punishment. they also thought about leaving russia out remember? it does not have sense to eliminate a country that deservedly qualified due to a political issue.

      Current score: 2
    • Yorugua Yorugua says:

      Linda pagina… is that your website?

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    • Yorugua Yorugua says:

      @Nico… don’t believe everything you hear… Gobierno has to be found guilty of conspiring or “ordering” Bauza’s firing. Bauza writing a letter, resigning means that it’ll get treated as a resignation by FIFA.

      Now if there’s a trail of emails, or recorded conversations where Mujica wanted Bauzá out, then FIFA would get involved… which is what happened a couple of years ago in Perú – FIFA got involved and Perú’s govt. backed off.

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    • CeseOne CeseOne says:

      No Ia encontré un día buscando la celeste blog @yorugua. I think FIFA has too much power for there own good. Football and politics don’t mix like god and politics. Let politicians be politicians, and let mafia be mafia(FIFA). Football is football. FIFA should get involved investigating there refs. It was an embarrassment of a game 2010 vs Holland still can’t get over that years reffing. But hey they’re FIFA specially the ghost foul vs Ghana. Either let’s go hopefully everybody in Uruguay Mujica and Bauza are on the same page and cover their tracks seems we are here to stay.

      Current score: 0
  16. NicoGF NicoGF says:

    fifa may prevent a second maracanazo. it would be unfair after all we went through to qualify in good law:

    very very hot news, and bauza gave up his charge in la auf.
    maybe it is a new beginning for the uruguayan league?

    Current score: 1
  17. fafa fafa says:


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