The Under-20 Tournament came and went, for a brief moment we were allowed to fantasize with actually winning a World Cup, unfortunately it wasn’t to be. Uruguay’s fortune in this tournament came down to penalties. Uruguay’s last 3 games went to penalties – outside of the the Portugal match which gave us some exciting saves from Fénix goalkeeper, Santiago Mele – Uruguay eventually ran out of steam, Venezuela advanced to […]

En esta oportunidad les presentamos nuestro podcast número 7, sí, increíble, tantos como LCB años de existencia. Esperamos que lo disfruten, sea manejando, viajando, desde la comodidad del hogar o donde tengan la chance. Intentamos tocar pocos temas, los de actualidad y relevancia, y esperamos sus comentarios a modo de feedback. Muchas gracias de antemano.

Uruguay’s U20 World Cup campaign got off to a great start on Sunday morning after defeating Italy 1-0 in their opening game of Group D.  The goal-scorer was Rodrigo Amaral who is on a redemption mission of sorts after his costly penalty shootout miss in Uruguay’s elimination to Brazil in the 2015 U20 World Cup. From the outside one can see, Uruguay won the game, got the three points and […]

They say time can heal all wounds or can depending on which perspective we wish to subscribe to, time can continue to divide – to separate. Here we are in, what is it? The eleventh year of ‘El Proceso Tabarez’ … I cannot for the life of me recall how we got here and what exactly we should celebrate

Hello Everyone, It’s Alessandro here. The purpose of this article is to provide some room for us to comment and go crazy if we must over the terrible result & match on Thursday Night against Brazil. I know we’re all ready to explode and remind everyone that Arevalo Rios has to go and all the change that has to happen!! Below is Nico’s Podcast with his thoughts and a picture […]

  2017 has presented us with the first thing to moan and discuss about. Oscar Washington Tabarez has given us “los futbolistas reservados del exterior” in other and more simpler words; “The call-up list of players” for the upcoming World Cup Qualifying matches against Brazil and Peru. Even though this is the first call-up list we can still do what we love doing which is questioning some of Tabarez’s decisions. […]

Uruguay is on the verge of winning the Sudamericano Sub20! La Celeste has  grown into the tournament nicely, with good football, good defensive performances, and some good ol’ garra charrua (Most notably against Brazil). The main objective is already complete! Qualification to the U20 World Cup in South Korea later this year. This is our sixth consecutive qualification and adds onto the proof that this “proceso” which once started back […]

On January the 18th, Ecuador will host the next edition of The South American Youth Football Championship. We know it as the Campeonato Sudamericano Sub-20 and the competition that runs for almost a month every other year. Teams in South America field; youth sides comprised of players under the age of 20 fighting for qualification to the Under-20 World Cup and the championship itself.  It’s basically the Copa America for […]


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