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La Celeste Blog Awards 2016!

2016 May of been a year to forget because of many uninspiring events that occurred in our world but none the less, here I present to you, the return of the good ol’ La Celeste Blog Awards. These awards used to be owned by the now retired blog legend Yorugua who is now sitting back and enjoying the retired life. So yes, this will be the first Yorugua-less LCB Awards […]

I’m mad and I’m not Mad… If I were to perform a quick analysis, I’d say we wasted our chances of scoring. But I prefer to have a broader approach; let’s see why. Even if we did qualify for the World Cup, we wouldn’t have many chances of winning it because we’re restricting ourselves from greatness. I won’t get into the “anti soccer” bandwagon. I’m mad because I don’t like […]

Another round of World Cup qualifying has passed us by. This time things were not as smooth for Uruguay. Uruguay just failed to get going despite getting the three points at home to Ecuador and then managing to sink to a 3-1 loss away to Chile.   Traces of poor concentration and poor play could be traced back to the Ecuador game. Uruguay beat Ecuador in the Centenario yes, but […]

Si hiciera un análisis muy puntual, diría que malogramos las chances de gol. Pero prefiero ir hacia lo macro, veamos mejor por qué aun clasificando al mundial, tendríamos pocas oportunidades de ganarlo y nos estamos auto-limitando. No me subo al carro del anti-fútbol.

After all the excitement of the international break and the return of club football, we have all had a chance to let the 4 points that Uruguay has earned sink in. 3 points at home against bottom of the table Venezuela and the ever so precious away point in Barranquilla. Some good business for La Celeste as the door to Russia gets a little closer… Uruguay in the Centenario have […]

Uruguay walks away from this round of qualifying with 4 points, which can be considered some pretty good business. Let’s quickly go over the basics… The expected 3 points were taken at home en el Estadio Centenario against a helpless Venezuela side who looked very dangerous on the counter attack in the first half hour,

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Nacional, Wanderers, Danubio, Defensor, Plaza Colonia, Rampla Juniors, Fénix, Sud América, OFI y la divisional C, pusieron fin a un capítulo de especulaciones y votaron a favor de Nike y del fútbol.


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