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  1. Yorugua Yorugua says:

    Repeal And Replace Tabarez — •

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  2. Yorugua Yorugua says:

    As far back as 1990, Tabarez has never defeated Brazil in a competitive match.

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    • NicoGF NicoGF says:

      with urreta, gda & cavani headaches are a fact! but not sure he will use the 3 of them. how about conde? i would start him. gk who can contribute to possession and is very aware.

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  3. KangaCeleste KangaCeleste says:

    U20 group.

    Sth Africa.

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    • FourThreeThree FourThreeThree says:

      Uruguay was top of group and has to play against Italy (always tough) and Asian champs Japan. Argentina get England, Guinea and hosts Korea. Any “hot ball” conspiracies going around.

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  4. Yorugua Yorugua says:

    Two words: Rodrigo Bentancur

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  5. NicoGF NicoGF says:

    What a good display of passing by psg today. Lethal, smart, tidy, not too quick not too slow, just perfect. And making the gk participate in possession.

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  6. Alessandro Viña Alessandro Viña says:

    Tonight’s game against Venezuela will be at 6:15 US EST TIME… I will try and post some live stream links on the LCB Facebook page tonight!

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  7. Yorugua Yorugua says:

    Kind of boring in here, might check out InterForums and see what’s going on in there.

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  8. Alessandro Viña Alessandro Viña says:

    Poor Performence from the U20’s lets hope things improve against Argentina, really failed to even show glimpses of anything creative whatsoever. Bentacur disappointed really expected more from him. De La Cruz and Schiappacasse are postives to take for me. We’ll see what happens on Saturday.

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  9. Alessandro Viña Alessandro Viña says:

    Josema playing a holding midfield position for atletico lately due to injuries and suspensions, he doesn’t look to bad there, perhaps a thought for the national team?

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    • Adjai says:

      Josema had a fine performance as a defensive midfielder, showcasing his Garra Charrua-like will of getting the ball back. but I still feel he, for the moment, lacks in the aspect of passing and keeping possesion of the ball. This is something he can definitely improve though, with the help of Cholo Simeone. A similar case can also be made for Mauricio Lemos who not only is a solid defender but is also really good going forward. He tends to sometimes take crazy long shots which usually prove to be dangerous for the opposition,and he is a pretty good free-kick taker too. Even as a defender Mauricio Lemos takes a stroll to the oppositions half like its nothing and he almost scored in a couple of occassions too.., so these 2 could provide some exciting variety to the team if Tabarez is willing to experiment.

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    • Yorugua Yorugua says:

      Excellent comment

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    • NicoGF NicoGF says:

      Adjai you are describing porras there, cant see why tabarez isnt giving him a shot, age & speed shouldnt be strong reasons, and in that case then brugman and torreira could take place.

      How about the sudamericano? Santanna is taking part, once being called the best lateral of uruguayan football.

      Current score: 1
    • Adjai says:

      Ahaha, I think Tabarez is taking his time with Porras, waiting to call him up at the ripe age of 35 for when he instantly settles into the team :).
      But really though, very excited about the upcoming u20’s as should any other Uruguay fan be. Possibly the most talented side Uruguay ever has had at such an event. And this is said even with the exclusion of Federico Valverde and Ramiro Guerra( The 2 players didn’t get permission from their clubs to participate in the tournament). I would be here all day if I had to describe just how talented the likes of Schiappacasse, Joaquin Ardaiz,De la Cruz,Amaral,… etc really are. As for Santanna, he is a great lateral and definitely one of the best in the league. But he is not without competition, fellow u-20 members like Mathias Olivera (who will be moving to Europe after the u20s) and Jose Luis Rodriguez of Danubio are also interesting prospects, which Tabarez may need to keep an eye out for. Another player who hasn’t gone unnoticed is the Penarol defender,Santiago Bueno,who has warranted the interest of FC Barcelona. So yeah, exciting tournament, I just hope the altitude in Ecuador doesn’t play a big part.

      Current score: 3

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