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  1. NicoGF NicoGF says:

    Podcast for this sat. Topic ideas, questions?

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    • fafa fafa says:

      1) The possibility of these next 2 games being 2 of the last qualifying matches with Cavani and Suarez in their prime.

      2) The young midfield has almost finally arrived.

      3) A decade with OWT.

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    • NicoGF NicoGF says:

      Good ones, thx fafa. I was considering also: our 23 man wc list. Why we lack fullbacks, the last 2 matches highlights.

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    • plaga9celeste plaga9celeste says:

      just as a fun fact, check out the “experts”‘ list:


      a way to make do, that often gives good results, when you lack fullbacks, is to convert winger/flanker/”entreala/volante” type of mid-fielders into the position.. the great mono, whom we can’t seem to get rid of now, was originally a “volante”
      a guy like torreira with his marking skills/speed and excellent technique should be able to make the transition on the national team as a fullback on the right..
      the same can be said with laxalt (who plays a similar flanker position on a 3-4-3 for his team) on the left..
      after all, what you want is TALENT on the pitch.. as much as possible..
      i have been pushing with this..
      i also like to have a left footed player on the left..
      i like el pelado and all, but a true lefty on the left flank that has the top-end speed to get to the end line would be a decisive upgrade..
      i am not sold on our external midfielders, perhaps in part, because i don’t like the 4-4-2..
      part of the problem with our team is the 2 forwards suarez/cavani up front that force you out of 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 formations..
      i could live with this boring 4-4-2 if the external mids were really talented but tabarez has a tendency of anointing a player the position and he quits trying other options..
      if i had to stay with that formation it had to look like this:
      torreira, gimenez, godin, laxalt
      ———valverde, vecino
      –de arrascaeta——–pereiro

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    • Yorugua Yorugua says:

      @P9C – GDA with Pereiro? –– (the double enganche?) and Torreira as a left back?


      I’d bring in two Defensor Players, Facundo Castro on the left wing (nice first touch) and Gonzalo Carneiro (6 ft 3).. Carneiro would go straight to the bench because i doubt he would get minutes over Cavani or Suarez but has great footwork for a big man, Castro also wouldn’t get the start, but would be able to step right in if Sanchez (who’s already 30 I think) goes down.

      Nandez is probably a lock in the starting XI.

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  2. NicoGF NicoGF says:

    Is it fine to add a Feedback button? So that you can pour in your suggestions? We can keep improving if you wish.

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  3. NicoGF NicoGF says:


    -olaza————-alex silva

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  4. Yorugua Yorugua says:

    Last 5 minutes of Scotland/England WCQ were insane — best soccer match I’ve seen since Germany opened up a can of whoop-ass on Brazil in the 2014 World Cup

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  5. Yorugua Yorugua says:

    Italy/Uruguay Game won’t be shown in North America — illegal streams and Internet radio might be the way to go —

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    • plaga9celeste plaga9celeste says:

      sneaked some portions of the game and my conclusion is:
      we are done..
      i predict we will lose 3 straight when the qualifiers resume..
      the “renovation” players are 2nd tier and are played in positions they don’t even know..
      too late now to go get some creative talent.. for what? to get burnt?
      i will not tire with my eliminations list, though (i’d rather lose out with some prospects that watch these abominations on the pitch for one more minute):
      mono, egidio, tata, cebolla, sanchez and stuani must not be called up again..
      coates, rolan and corujo are on the bubble..
      my eleven against Arg. (3-4-1-2)

      —–gimenez, godin, caceres
      alex silva, cristoforo, vecino, laxalt
      ———-de arrascaeta
      ———-suarez, cavani

      bench: varela, lemos, gaston silva, ricca, torreira, arismendi, bentancur, valverde, pereiro, aguirre
      GP: silva, conde

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    • URUCAN URUCAN says:

      Plaga…you realize these were friendlies right ? and that a number of guys that dont play much or at all got playing time ?? smh no football sense

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    • FourThreeThree FourThreeThree says:

      Only watched the first half so far. The first 20 minutes were actually quite good (with the exception of Gimenez’ OG). I don’t know what’s wrong with Gimenez but he focus is somewhat compromised. He was playing with more poise and maturity two years ago. Then we started to resort to the long goal kicks and we have no one in that game that is going to beat Bonucci or Barzagli (if we had Cavani, Suarez or maybe even Stuani). So we started to lose all the possession. Whenever we played out of the backfield, we looked a lot better but then even Coates and Gimenez resorted to the old Uruguayan CB long ball. For the little time playing together, I liked Urreta and Rolan. This should have been the plan ages ago. Now there is no margin of error and all the pressure is on these players. Can someone tell me if Mayada is injured because there is no way Mono should be playing instead. Mayada and Urreta add some needed speed to the squad.

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    • plaga9celeste plaga9celeste says:

      dear urucan.. i know you have made a living out of being el maestro’s apologist round here.. but please STFU.. we are in real trouble, in case you haven’t noticed..

      but just for the sake of harmony i will explain to you that taking 3 net forwards, 2 of whom are named rolan and stuani to a quality european mini-tour is just a terrible thing to do.. considering you have prospects such as cabecita, lopez, aguirre, even jonathan alvez..

      putting sanchez as the play-making enganche is just too weird to believe.. a barefooted pereiro would have been better.. liguera or viudez would have made a more accurate pass or two..

      suiting tata or egidio in the middle is just outrageous at this point.. do you know that cristoforo has played a dozen games forming the dual-5 middel with vecino at florentina? would it be interesting to test them out there together? is that what friendlies are for to try out, experiment?

      do you know that torreira has the most takeaways in the entire seria A..? that means the guy that recovers the most balls.. now that is marking.. because the italian league is naturally defensively oriented.. and he is very technical with a lot of pace for a mid-fielder.. certainly would walk his dog in circles around egidio.. and he deserves the chance to be out there well in front of nandez..

      el mono, another mystery.. what are they hoping for, to get him to 150 games..? he is done.. cannot play at the international level anymore..

      so, i think i do have a decent understanding of what needed to be accomplished testing out new players in these 2 friendlies.. certainly didn’t need to see el mono/egidio/tata/sanchez again.. i have seen them 30 times too many

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    • plaga9celeste plaga9celeste says:

      i forgot to mention another glaring “burrada” committed by the coaching: urreta will be suspended for the Arg. game.. why play him 180 minutes..? we needed to look for options not to give this guy minutes..
      that said he played acceptably and remains as a prospect that can get minutes any time soon.. but he should have played half that time..
      as a positive.. the one “hit” on this atrocious experiment was alex silva.. even with errors he showed me that he can compete at this level.. he’s not scared of the ball and he’s not shy about taking on an opponent one-on-one where there’s field to be taken.. he didn’t play scared like lodeiro or ramirez, always making the ultra-safe little shit-pass backwards.. he has “encare” which is rare in our players (others that have it like giorgian, pereiro can’t even sniff the pitch)
      silva certainly should start at the right back in place of the walking-dead mono.. or even in place of sanchez on the right wing of a 4-4-2..
      so that was the one positive i took..

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  6. plaga9celeste plaga9celeste says:

    ugh.. whipped by Ireland B..? la celeste in full tailspin..
    this is it.. forth straight loss by Uruguay.. you can’t hide this calamity anymore.. all self-inflicted.. when you go on a tour with one quality striker and he gets injured in 10 minutes.. what do you do..? put in stuani of course ( a guy that seldom plays mid-winger in a bad english team)
    mono.. are there any questions that he is useless?
    sanchez as the “enganche”? how logical is that?
    this team hit the bottom late this time.. no time to recover and regain any momentum..
    will the Tenfield/Ovacion/etc. servants believe it when elimination is staring us on the face..?
    what will they say then..? “it’s football.. you win some and lose some..?”
    where is the accountability to this coaching staff’s work..?
    recalculate the points.. we could be on the verge of extinction, just as our concepts of football..

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  7. plaga9celeste plaga9celeste says:

    bad game by the u20.. in large part caused by terrible coaching culminated by making the wrong substitutions..
    terrible grade for coito and his staff.. timid approach.. zero ambition to elaborate play.. and taking the danger guys off the field, settling for the draw and the eventual penalty definition.. right out of tabarez’ playbook..
    we were fortunate to outlast portugal on the penalties.. with a huge “hand” from goalie mele, really inspired under the pipes.. took away 3 scores while uruguay missed 2 unforced..
    if you are thinking coito as a future sub for tabarez, please don’t even.. this guys is a farce..

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