This is an older article that was published in 2012. It provides actual FIFA documents, & historical accounts that prove without a doubt that Uruguay are officially four-time FIFA World Champions. I wanted to re-post it for two reasons. Reason #1: Pierre Arrighi (a French-Uruguayan author) recently published a tremendously well-researched book (about the 1924 tournament) that definitively confirms Uruguay’s status as four-time FIFA World champions. Reason #2: My intention is for any fan of Uruguayan football to have an article that they can confidently show people when discussing this topic.

The four magical days when Uruguay became FIFA Champions of the World. The first team to win three consecutive titles.

A few years ago, while in Montevideo, I bought a book that was made to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Uruguayan Football Association: “100 Años de Gloria: La Verdadera history del Futbol Uruguayo”/ “100 Years of Glory: The True History of Uruguayan Football”. The book itself has a wonderful collection of inside stories that narrate the history of club and international football played in Uruguay. Furthermore, it had been officially consented to by FIFA itself. This book contains a section that explores Uruguay’s standing as a 4x FIFA World Champion.

The main author of the book (Atilio Garrido) mentions the issue of some international fans forgetting this fact in his closing statement : “…we rescued, with official and convincing documents, something that until 1950 was accepted worldwide and that, little by little, started to fall into disuse. We Uruguayans are a bit at fault for not committing to spreading our feats and victories. Uruguay was the first nation to conquer four times the football World Championship organized by FIFA.” (Pg 269)

This issue has always meant a lot to me, especially when it’s contested by fans who just don’t know better. It shouldn’t be contested because it’s a fact. Two World Championships are not something that you easily let go of. Their importance is amplified by the fact that they are officially FIFA’s first authentic international tournaments played by the best professionals on earth (under the guise of “amateurs”), changing the world of football forever. These were massive tournaments. It’s even better for me because the team that I love the most was at the heart of this innovation.

I have uploaded (so you can verify it in PDF format) the two documents from this book that explore Uruguay’s standing as a four time FIFA World Champion. The first (Document 1.1 and 1.2) recounts the history these tournaments and provides official FIFA citations to support their claims. The second is an Official FIFA document from their 80th Anniversary Book (1984, available in many languages). This document further cements FIFA’s recognition that the 1924 and 1928 Olympic tournaments were and are equivalent to FIFA World Cup titles. I will be providing a brief (point form) summary and translation of each document while using some external sources. Any citation from the “100 Years of Glory” book. will be noted.

1. Document 1.1
2. Document 1.2
3. Official FIFA Document- 80th Anniversary

No doubts exist, Uruguay are four time World Champions.

The History: Why not 1920 or the tournaments before?:
(From the book): In 1914 Jules Rimet (the third President of FIFA), declared that (quote): “Under the condition that the Olympic Football tournament be organized in agreement with FIFA rules, this competition will be recognized as a FIFA World Championship.”
– There was an attempt to have the first proper intercontinental tournament in 1920, but its authenticity was hurt by the fact that only amateur players could participate. At the time, professional footballers were the best players in the world.
– The 1920 Olympic Football final was never played when the Czechoslovakian team abandoned the field in protest during the first half vs. Belgium.

Page from the Official Book of FIFA made to commemorate their 80th anniversary (1984).

Colombes 1924: FIFA is finally responsible for organizing the entire tournament and finds a loophole

From “At the 1924 Congress, FIFA agreed to assume responsibility for the organization of the Olympic Football Tournament by ratifying the proposal that “on condition that the Olympic Football Tournament takes place in accordance with the Regulations of FIFA, the latter shall recognize this as a world football championship”. …”The South Americans (Uruguay in 1924) won 3-0 and were celebrated as World Champions in Montevideo.”
Citation: Document from

– In 1924, the start of FIFA’s Professional Era, FIFA found a “loophole” in the rules in order to finally allow the best teams and professionals to participate. The players could play and technically be considered “amateurs” by the International Olympic Committee so long as their own county’s Football Association compensated them for the months of lost work. The majority of the world’s best teams accepted, giving birth to, at the time, the first authentic FIFA World football Championship ever played by the best players on the planet.

(From the book): “…In the “Official History of FIFA” published on their 80th anniversary in 1984,…On page 59, it is stated that “they (FIFA) elaborated on their founding statutes”, confirming that the 1924 and 1928 Olympic champions were to also be considered joint FIFA World Champions.

The book: 100 Years of Glory

The aftermath of Amsterdam 1928

(From the book): The article mentions that the following revisions to the FIFA Constitution stated that after the 1930 FIFA World Cup in Uruguay, no Olympic title was to be considered a World Championship anymore. This was proposed by FIFA President Jules Rimet himself.
(From the book): Football was not played during the 1932 Los Angeles Olympics because of the birth of the FIFA World Cup. Olympic football champions would no longer be considered FIFA World Champions. Football was allowed to return in the 1936 Olympics but it was to be organized by the IOC and supervised by FIFA.
(From the book): Immediately after the 1950 FIFA World Cup (in Brazil) FIFA held several meetings to revise their constitution. In the 1950 revision, it was stated that they recognized Uruguay as the first nation to ever become four Time FIFA World Champions.

*** 1950 World Cup Final: Between 5:48-5:54, Carlos Sole (Uruguay’s legendary football announcer) states “Uruguay, Champions for the 4th time”. It’s important to understand that this was not thrown in liberally. This was common knowledge because FIFA had made this clear from the outset.

Turns out the stars weren’t just for show.

Note: The Brazilian broadcast of the 1950 World Cup final also claims that Uruguay “have done it for the fourth time”. I know 100% that I have heard this but have been unable to find the link as of yet

So there you have it: Uruguay are four time FIFA World Champions.

I hope you enjoyed this story, and please direct anyone who says “prove it” to this article on La Celeste Blog. These stories are the reason I watch football and why I love La Celeste so much. In a way, it was the true birth of the Sky Blue mystique on a worldwide scale.

1. 100 Años de Gloria: La Verdadera Historia del Futbol Uruguayo, El Pais S.A. y Tenfield S.A., Printed in Anselmo L. Morvillo S.A., ARGENTINA.
2. “ FIFA Facts 1924-1930”- link
3. 1924 The first World Championship of Football in History (Spanish: “1924 Primer Mundial de fútbol de la Historia”). Pierre Arrighi, 2013.

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Written by: Alvaro Perez

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  1. Yorugua Yorugua says:

    For those of you who are thinking of defecting this Blog… here’s a good place to start; lo and behold, another Uruguayan football blog (and in English –– con gusto!) 😉

    Seriously though, very well written English Blog, strongly recommended by me.

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  2. Charrua007 Charrua007 says:

    Guess we should make the most of our past accomplishments because let’s face it; our national team is never going to have another ‘Golden Age’. Yes there was our semifinal run in 2010 and Copa victory in 2011 but those were once in a lifetime moments and they’re never going to happen again. During the qualifiers we were dreadful and barely made it through. Then in Brazil the Costa Ricans proved their superior organisation. Then we defeat England (after a fluke goal assisted by Muslera) and Italy (who were going for the draw) by pure luck and of course the magic of Suarez. Then we were eliminated by a Colombian side which was clearly much superior to ours. Sure, maybe Suarez could have made a difference in THAT game but what if we faced the Germans in the semi-final. Don’t get me wrong we have the talent to accomplish much more, but Maestro with his conservative mentality won’t utilise them to their full potential and will prefer to use his mediocrities of Lodeiro, Palito, Mono whilst making one of our strikers Cavani chase everyone around rather than scoring GOALS. I only see a disastrous Copa America in Chile coming to haunt us, we may not even pass the group stage. Then there is the next qualifiers, if we don’t face repechaje then we’ll be at the bottom of the barrel with the likes of Peru and Bolivia.

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  3. Yorugua Yorugua says:

    @Maldoror55 – Just for you brother… Brand new Avatar.

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    • Dutchfan dutchfan says:

      First you made a fool of an orang-utan, now you are insulting dogs. You are not much of an animal lover, are you?

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  4. NicoGF NicoGF says:

    Wanna have a good laugh

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  5. Maldoror55 Maldoror55 says:

    Nico !

    Your Nacho has a chance only in some version of “A night in the museum” LC team.

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    • NicoGF NicoGF says:

      Then you wonder why you get moderation 😀

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  6. Yorugua Yorugua says:

    no doubt this post should have been included in top LCB posts of all time. I myself have linked this particular posts in a couple of pieces i wrote… i agree Uruguay are 4X champs… but do you think Germany deserves to wear 4 stars above their badge? I know Germany inherited West Germany’s stats but i have to cry foul. When Germany won 3 of those World Cups there was an East Germany… i think they should strip 3 of those stars from their badge… West Germany no longer exists!

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    • NicoGF NicoGF says:

      Especially if they could compete simultaneously. Imagine uruguay and uruguay b in the same tourney. More chances of winning.. And i would have right to claim for nacho

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  7. Maldoror55 Maldoror55 says:

    Great elaboration.Scientifically precise.Good work,Fox4.
    Unfortunatelly,this is all Golden Age.Prehistoric time.Lost homeland,holy land,which makes always our expectation that we shall one day come back to it.And it overburdens us.

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