maradona_cigar_230538a“El Diego” , that rascally nut-case and master of the “simulated header” wants to move Argentina’s upcoming WCQ match with Brazil to “El Gigante de Arroyito” (Rosario Central’s stadium), to reportedly involve the crowd more and as per the sultan of controversy because the World Cup tested “Monumental” has fallen victim to disrepair. It has become obvious that although Argentina is sitting in fourth place in the WCQ standings, Maradona is starting to panic. Compared with Dunga, Maradona is more hot-air balloon than the tactical Napoleon La AFA expected out of him.

Maybe Maradona got a good look at Brazil in the Confederations Cup and realizes that if he doesn’t take the initiative, the same thing that happened to Uruguay at Montevideo when they played Brazil, will happen to Argentina. “Los Porteños” can’t absorb another blow-out and then act like everything is OK; the 6-1 loss to Bolivia already sent alarms ringing in the minds of the Argentinean fútbol purists, the ones who didn’t want Maradona to begin with… Everyone presupposes that Argentineans are head over heels in love with Maradona, his tongue in cheek low-life comments, his ghetto socio-politics and his “me against the world” mantra, but if Argentina loses at home to Brazil, trust me, the Argentinean media will be asking for Bianchi or anyone else who can make some sense of the mess that Argentina has become under Maradona.

How did things get so far?

In the “Godfather”, Vito Corleone posed the same question to the five heads of the Mafia underworld.. “How did things get so far?” Wasn’t Leo Messi supposed to guide Argentina to a first place qualification berth? Supposedly Carlos Tevez had matured at Manchester United and Serie-A’s “re-adoption” of Diego Milito was supposed to be a confirmation that Argentinean fútbol was on the rise again. Instead Maradona continued Alfio Basile’s ineffective usage of Messi, found a spot for his “son-in-law” whether he was deserving of it or not and created a nexus as to who truly coaches Argentina? Is it Maradona or is it really Bilardo? No one knows? Julio Grondona the Pontius Pilate of this bizarre Argentinean episode is allowing this farce to play itself out for all to see, maybe he knows something the average Argentinean doesn’t know? Maybe those back-to-back Olympic Gold Medals came with an ultimatum attached to them? Maybe Argentina is not supposed to go to the World Cup? Maybe Uruguay can dream again? Maybe I’ve gone completely off the reservation? Maybe Maradona’s gamble pays off and Argentina manages to defeat Brazil? Maybe there’s too many maybes and no one knows how to cure what ales Argentina?


Don’t know if Grondona will get his way and impose Riquelme on Maradona… I get the feeling that Diego’s Argentina will implode very soon. And even if Riquelme can suit up for the Brazil match, will he make any difference? Argüero on this team reminds me of Saviola—Argentina doesn’t need players like that, not when your star player (Messi) is already a leprechaun. You have players like Julio Cruz & Diego Milito who are more deserving than Maradona’s son-in-law.


Forgot to mention that they are playing two of the bigs in CONMEBOL, so they won’t get any favours with the officiating.

Very tough round coming up for Argentina. Brazil’s play has been improving. I would have said that their opponents in the WCQ were choking, but the Confederations Cup showed clearly they are a team on the rise. Brazil tends to play defensive-minded away from home (until they have you on the ropes) and they are not desperate for points (they have Venezuela and Bolivia in the final round which should be an automatic 6 points). I expect them to play for a tie in Buenos Aires. They may catch a desperate Argentinian team with a counter-attack and actually win. And… Read more »

I think Argentina is undergoing Riquelme’s absence, simply as much as we are undergoing Nacho’s absence.

I think Román has been argentinean coach on the pitch, and now he’s gone, they can’t play football. It is a lil’ soon to panic though, Arg got awesome players the likes of Messi, Aguero, Tevez, Mascherano, Veron, and I’m actually failing to understand why they don’t cap “el flaco” Schiavi.. since argentinean defense is a total mess imo.

But I think things are getting ugly for Uruguay, Ecuador and Argentina, it’s gonna be very tough, as much as interesting!


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