Feliz Año Nuevo, esperamos que todos ustedes estén disfrutando de 2017. Este es nuestro sexto podcast. Discutimos los premios LCB y Peñarol.

Tenga en cuenta que, antes de escuchar, todos deben leer el post anterior. Esperamos que todos lo disfruten.



Jules Jules 3 like

This was a tremendous podcast — luv The indifferent response it has garnered


I bet the low repercution and limited comments has nothing to do with the quality of its content and entertaining, it perhaps can be explained by farerets not sharing this time (we are greatful he always did when he could, make no mistake), and maybe we need itunes appearence.
Some guys who know what they are doing like actualized*org or tai lopez are leading in the pod industry maybe we can learn some of their tricks, in the meantime ale promised me his very own pod 🙂


I don’t subscribe to that theory (about shares and certain people who USED to share but now DONT)… This Podcast was shared all over Twitter and we did get the standard 100 listens, I was referring to the LCB audience which lately has dwindled to just you – all Podcasts are welcomed, personally I only listen to Podcasts that feature ME… for the simple reason that I hate podcasts… isn’t that ironic?

Hasta La Victoria!

Alessandro Viña

Great podcast! Thanks for the mentions. I’m feeling a lot better now and recovered.


Next time you’re taking my place — Nico will ask you six different ways about which players should form Uruguay’s double pivot …. Heh heh … In all seriousness, we were all looking forward to your participation, next one may occur after the Brazil match, we think, not sure yet.


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