2017 has presented us with the first thing to moan and discuss about. Oscar Washington Tabarez has given us “los futbolistas reservados del exterior” in other and more simpler words; “The call-up list of players” for the upcoming World Cup Qualifying matches against Brazil and Peru. Even though this is the first call-up list we can still do what we love doing which is questioning some of Tabarez’s decisions.


Should we go easier on El Maestro?… after all he did just turn 70  last Friday.

2017 Reservados vs Brasil y Perú

It is key to note, that Fernando Muslera and Luis Suarez will miss the Brazil game due to accumulation of yellow cards.

I know what your thinking, Jonathan Urretaviscaya and Alejandro Silva really?? There’s still no sight of a response to the many Uruguayo’s crying out for Gaston Pererio. Maybe Tabarez is saving him for 2018, who really knows. Only Tabarez really knows what he’s doing, or does he? The general reader on this blog will know just by looking at the comments section that it’s a love/hate relationship with El Mastero. We all know how much he loves to prove us wrong. Let’s take a look at who  Jonathan Urretaviscaya and Alejandro Silva are and their recent forms of late. (All Stats are from Transfermarkt)


Jonathan Urretaviscaya

Left Midfielder and winger who Plays for CF Pachuca in Mexcio, who are currently in first place in the Torneo Clasura. Urretasviscaya has played a key role in the side’s recent success contributing 7 Goals and 7 Assists in 28 Games so far in the 2016/17 Season. Previous Clubs include; Benfica, Deportivo La Coruna and Peñarol. Previsouly has played for Uruguay at the U17 and U20 level. Was also apart of Tabarez’s 2012 Olympic Games Squad in London. alejandro-silva-2

Alejandro Silva

Right Back and Right Midfielder who plays for Lanus in Argentina, who are currently in 6th in the Primera Divison. Alejandro Silva has made 10 appearances for Lanus in the 2016/17 season racking in 1 goal and 3 assists. Previous Clubs Include; Fenix, Olimpia and Peñarol. Previously has played for Uruguay in the 2012 Olympic Squad and has been capped twice for Uruguay. Many will remember him for his under-par performance in a 2-0 loss away to Chile during Uruguay’s low point on the way to the 2014 Fifa World Cup.


So go ahead… let’s hear your opinions and complaints in the comments, who should we call? Who deserves a chance and what do you think will happen in March when we play Brazil and Peru? It’s March and World Cup Qualifiers are back and with that also brings the return of La Celeste and all of the great frustrations and emotions we’ve come to love.


Alessandro Viña Alessandro Viña 2 like
That game was disappointing. Brazil is not superior they have false security as well. That was a weak Uruguay they played against not because Suarez was absent, but because of the old man. I know we seem anti Tabarez, but this was obvious. I’ve come to terms the old man is hard headed and that’s just the way it is. With age he gets worse. Cacha was getting beat by everyone handing off the job to Coates. I like Coates he can work, but he is slow we all know that at least he is smart enough to foul Neymar… Read more »

Josema was suspended, that’s why he didn’t play


Damn I don’t recall him being suspended at all when did it happen i just recall him being imjured


Any topic ideas for a pod? 🙂


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