2017 has presented us with the first thing to moan and discuss about. Oscar Washington Tabarez has given us “los futbolistas reservados del exterior” in other and more simpler words; “The call-up list of players” for the upcoming World Cup Qualifying matches against Brazil and Peru. Even though this is the first call-up list we can still do what we love doing which is questioning some of Tabarez’s decisions.


Should we go easier on El Maestro?… after all he did just turn 70  last Friday.

2017 Reservados vs Brasil y Perú

It is key to note, that Fernando Muslera and Luis Suarez will miss the Brazil game due to accumulation of yellow cards.

I know what your thinking, Jonathan Urretaviscaya and Alejandro Silva really?? There’s still no sight of a response to the many Uruguayo’s crying out for Gaston Pererio. Maybe Tabarez is saving him for 2018, who really knows. Only Tabarez really knows what he’s doing, or does he? The general reader on this blog will know just by looking at the comments section that it’s a love/hate relationship with El Mastero. We all know how much he loves to prove us wrong. Let’s take a look at who  Jonathan Urretaviscaya and Alejandro Silva are and their recent forms of late. (All Stats are from Transfermarkt)


Jonathan Urretaviscaya

Left Midfielder and winger who Plays for CF Pachuca in Mexcio, who are currently in first place in the Torneo Clasura. Urretasviscaya has played a key role in the side’s recent success contributing 7 Goals and 7 Assists in 28 Games so far in the 2016/17 Season. Previous Clubs include; Benfica, Deportivo La Coruna and Peñarol. Previsouly has played for Uruguay at the U17 and U20 level. Was also apart of Tabarez’s 2012 Olympic Games Squad in London. alejandro-silva-2

Alejandro Silva

Right Back and Right Midfielder who plays for Lanus in Argentina, who are currently in 6th in the Primera Divison. Alejandro Silva has made 10 appearances for Lanus in the 2016/17 season racking in 1 goal and 3 assists. Previous Clubs Include; Fenix, Olimpia and Peñarol. Previously has played for Uruguay in the 2012 Olympic Squad and has been capped twice for Uruguay. Many will remember him for his under-par performance in a 2-0 loss away to Chile during Uruguay’s low point on the way to the 2014 Fifa World Cup.


So go ahead… let’s hear your opinions and complaints in the comments, who should we call? Who deserves a chance and what do you think will happen in March when we play Brazil and Peru? It’s March and World Cup Qualifiers are back and with that also brings the return of La Celeste and all of the great frustrations and emotions we’ve come to love.


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  1. Cese CeseOne says:

    That game was disappointing. Brazil is not superior they have false security as well. That was a weak Uruguay they played against not because Suarez was absent, but because of the old man. I know we seem anti Tabarez, but this was obvious. I’ve come to terms the old man is hard headed and that’s just the way it is. With age he gets worse. Cacha was getting beat by everyone handing off the job to Coates. I like Coates he can work, but he is slow we all know that at least he is smart enough to foul Neymar instead of letting him go(except for that neymar goal where he just got beat)Point is Coates works with a midfield that does their job, but Id choose Josema over him any day. It would of been smart of Tabarez to sub Cacha for Josema I feel. Why in the hell is a Liga 1 player being sat over Coates? Josema constantly busts his ass for atleti and is far superior than Coates. I wouldn’t say call x person call x because theyre not here nor have they ever been called. Working with what we have he (josema) would of been reliable sorta gutsy, but I think doable. Laxalt could of came in the second half to tear Alves a new one. As for Sanchez I like him, but he seems to be getting fatigued earlier and earlier I wonder why? I guess Stuani wasn’t too bad since Pereiro isn’t available. Call me crazy, but I would of deployed this after half time. Got to surprise people they expect the same things from us over and over.



    Also my list
    Diego godin
    Sebastián Coates
    Mauricio lemos
    Gastón Silva
    Martín Cáceres
    Damián Suárez
    Federico Ricca
    Matías Vecino
    Sebastián cristóforo
    Lucas Torreira
    Jonathan Urretaviscaya
    Carlos Sánchez
    Gonzalo Porras
    Giorgian de Arrascaeta
    Diego Laxalt
    Gastón Pereiro
    Gonzalo Castro
    Edi Cavani
    Abel Hernandez
    Nico Lopez
    Michael santos
    Luis Suárez

    Current score: 2
    • jkmj says:

      Josema was suspended, that’s why he didn’t play

      Current score: 1
    • Cese Cese says:

      Damn I don’t recall him being suspended at all when did it happen i just recall him being imjured

      Current score: 1
  2. NicoGF NicoGF says:

    Any topic ideas for a pod? 🙂

    Current score: 1
  3. Yorugua Yorugua says:

    It’s calculator time – 5th place or bust!

    Current score: 2
    • jkmj says:

      It HAD to be Uruguay’s luck that the one season we play very well in qualifiers also happens to be the season where it’s so close it’ll probably take 30 points for 5th place. Sufrimiento is Uruguay’s destiny, I’m predicting yet another 5th place finish.

      Current score: 3
  4. NicoGF NicoGF says:

    Sad about the predictable bad performance, happy about lcb fanbase coming back. Dont just read, never hide your ideas guys! You used to make this site active, we can do it all again together. I still have faith we will turn this around, only if we can have a smart last say, with a world cup call up list based on current club performances. We can overcome 2010 if that happens, thats where i put all my wishes.

    Current score: 3
  5. belarusianceleste says:

    So, field Arevalo, Maxi and Cebolla “out of respect” to what they did before, only to have them HUMILIATED in front of their own fans??? How logical is that, el Maestro? This is basically a spit in their faces.

    Sure Arevalo was a beast in 2010 and 11. So was Montero in the 90ies, why no field HIM OUT OF RESPECT then??? Or Recoba, or Enzo?

    Without Suarez the whole team just disintegrates. This is such a painful reminder to the Costa Rica game.

    Sure Cristoforo and Torreiro don’t have any experience with really tough internationals. So think f**king ahead! Give Arevalo a respectful exit in a friendly match vs. some Guatemala, in which he scores from a penalty kick – his first and only goal for Uruguay, and replace him with Torreiro, give this young beast a taste of international football.

    Same could have been done with Varela, before he was injured, had Tabarez actually used his mind. Does Maxi deserve a respectful exit, yes like hell he does! So do it smartly, like Loew with Podolski. Maxi never plays against serious sides in Portugal anymore, whenever there is a game vs. Benfica or Sporting it’s always Layun if he’s available. Why? The answer is obvious.

    As for Laxalt HOW could anyone not see how he tore Dani Alves to SHREDS when Genoa played Juve in that epic 3-1 win??? So why the F a semi-conscious Cebolla gets selected ahead of him?

    It would be such a shame for Suarez and Cavani to miss the world cup, this is their last chance to shine.

    Current score: 5
    • dpiedra dpiedra says:

      Very frustrating to see all sorts of players called up over the last 3 years but none of them play!

      Current score: 2
  6. URUCAN URUCAN says:

    Bad game. Aside from Cavani who did everything and went everywhere and honorable mentions to sanchez vecino and g.silva…actually martin silva has little to no fault here either. Godin had a rare off game. perhaps he is tired. Mono wasnt great but i dont think he horrible. Coates needs to go back to the bench to be used in emergencies only. he is way to slow and a big liability in our defence. If Godin has one negative it is that he is not the fastest guy around. you simply cant pair him with a much slower guy. The timings of the offensive substitutions were proper however…i dont see the point of having 3 strikers playing when nobody can get them the ball. the only midfielder that was supplying anything was Carlos Sanchez and he was taken off. perhaps something more like. stuani for rolan. laxalt for cebolla and urreta for arevalo would have produced something more. regardless. must have a short memory and be thankful this game wasnt crucial. 3 points in Lima however will be.

    Current score: 1
  7. jkmj says:

    Well that was just disheartening

    Current score: 3
    • AussieCeleste AussieCeleste says:

      Why doesn’t the Uruguayan press put the old man on the spot and demand that he outline what De Arrascaeta and Pereiro have to do to play.

      Perhaps at the same time he can tell us what Mono and Arevalo Rios have to do to get out of the team.

      Tabarez is a cartoon caricature of his former self. And he is in a race against Ecuador to stay in the Top Five.

      Current score: 3
    • dpiedra dpiedra says:

      Because they respect him too much … I don’t understand that respect. Based on what? 2010? 2011 Copa? It’s been 6 years and the team goes up and down and is clearly on a down now. Where the hell is the midfield? Why is Rios and Mono still on this team? Why the hell is Cebolla still playing, never mind Palito on the bench and others? Only Tabarez would put aside many young players. Even if you look at the recent South American U20 champs, we have some great midfielders there as well.

      Current score: 2
  8. Dutchfan Dutchfan says:

    “Formed shortly after Brazil had defeated Uruguay 4-0, on June 6, 2009. La Celeste Blog was created around the central idea that Uruguay’s national football team is worth talking about.”

    Current score: 3
    • NicoGF NicoGF says:

      Haha good one df, closed 2017 4-1 loss vs same opponent? Lol

      Current score: 2
  9. Yorugua Yorugua says:

    Match is Thursday? – Why would they schedule a match on a Thursday nite? – that shit don’t make any sense.

    Current score: 0
    • NicoGF NicoGF says:

      i have been a little too much turned off for a long while by tabarez callup list, this time around is no exception in fact i feel our list reads itself in black and white with 2010 smell, but hey if i dont get excited about uru bra derby then i need to test my skyblue blood 😉 bring it on neymar we can handle it, well not too sure actually but we can try. make sure you dont miss this game, gather your beloved ones and enjoy a very ancient clash!! but more importantly then come here and leave your opinion since what you have to say matters guys, we need some conclussions and fixing before we make it to russia, believe me we are not prepared to win the world cup but we have potential and time for it, the clock is tickinng quickly though. there is NEED for experiment.

      Current score: 3
    • dpiedra dpiedra says:

      Pathetic effort at home using the same line-up as usual … no imagination and no midfield attack. Without Suarez, no one is a threat. No midfield at all! Five games left and they need to perform well:

      at Peru (need to win)
      at Paraguay (a likely loss)
      at Venezuela (need to win, but I see a tie)
      Home to Argentina (likely a tie)
      Home to Bolivia ((need to win)

      8 of 15 points takes us to 31 points … hopefully better than 5th place.

      Then we can send same dinosaurs to Russia.

      Current score: 4
  10. NicoGF NicoGF says:

    Is this the best CL comeback ever? http://youtu.be/GiOK44VPoBY or just another robbery.

    Current score: 5
    • Alessandro Viña Alessandro Viña says:

      or just great thinking from Suarez to win that penalty ahahaha

      Current score: 2
  11. Dutchfan Dutchfan says:

    Go easier on el Maestro?
    Another Maestro in a wheelchair got finally convinced to quit by creating the special post of “music director emeritus” for him.
    Maybe an idea for the AUF?
    About the list: glad D’Arrascaeta is back, but will he play? Probably not. Why has Tabarez never tested other keepers? I doubt the Martins will suffice. Why are the Pereira’s and Rios still there? Etc. Still the same lazy list as ever.
    70 is a good age to retire. Even my dentist, who’s so healthy he looks 50, decided to do so. So Tabarez, be brave, pack up and go.

    Current score: 1
    • Alessandro Viña Alessandro Viña says:

      D’arrascaeta will do what he always does which is warm the bench, the Pereira’s fine I can tolerate for a little longer but surely there needs to be some sort of indication of a future replacement for rios or a re-work of the center in the midfield.

      Uruguay’s biggest weakness for me personally is the center of midfield…

      Current score: 0
    • Yorugua Yorugua says:

      @DF- got Uy pretty much out of my system, I’ll watch the BR game but I agree with you, 2 Pereiras offer next to nothing except canned “garra” and Rios at 35 years of age defies any type of logic. Wasteful call-up there. And still no Polenta?

      Current score: 2
  12. NicoGF NicoGF says:

    commenting from my new iphone special edition (5.5) site works well. he should call conde gk who can contribute in possession, alex silva and santanna laterales, guzman creative holding midfielder and porras offensive holding midfielder.

    Current score: 1

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