Yesterday’s post was going to be my one off post for the summer but then I remembered this Blog has an anniversary coming up. So many memories which need to be re-remembered, so many images flooding my head which produces a compulsive desire to share.

Dani Alves’ goal on Sebastian Viera back in 2009, that game led to the formation of this blog… Maradona wearing a ridiculous red cape when Argentina defeated us (also in 2009) followed by the infamous “Que la Chupen” speech… The twilight zone ending of the Ghana match, the hand of Suarez … Asamoah Gyan’s missed penalty, Suárez celebrating like a demon when he missed it, Abreu’s panenka … Forlán’s goal against Germany…. Suárez’s comic book goals against Norwich City… Arévalo-Ríos terrorizing Messi in the 2011 Copa America… our friend Nico’s half-assed cellphone interview with Tabárez, which to me was the climax and probably the very decline of this Blog… Recoba’s goal on Peñarol’s Argentine keeper Migliore… the time Suárez went full racist and the entire Blog defended him! Which in hindsight is hysterical if you think about it. The time Suárez bit a Chelsea defender and then did it again in the World Cup… El Maestro’s assholic press conferences… the two times LCB readers bailed this Blog out… reading about some guy who lived in the Faroe Islands who supported Uruguay then realizing he was actually a Blog reader! The time Nico, Jules and Myself spent close to 3 hours on Skype, putting it out for all to listen in the form of a Podcast and discovering no one had bothered to listen.. Tata Gonzalez’ four star baboseada… Nico Lodeiro’s nutmeg on Pirlo in the 2014 World Cup… Godín’s header against Italy … Jara’s finger up Cavani’s anus… El Maestro calling Sandro Ricci a “cagón”… the sight of seeing Tabárez roll-up in a Walmart mobility scooter and thinking WTF is this? Suárez hitting a pane of plastic to show his displeasure at not being subbed in when he knew before the match he wouldn’t be playing during the Copa Centenario… all the skull-sucking time I spent preparing those Pez-Head formation graphics… Suarez’ goals against England in the 2014 World Cup… Sebastian Fernandez’ goal against Italy in a meaningless 2011 friendly … Diego Forlán’s penalty kick against Ecuador in 2009… this video Nico dug up on YouTube which is so insanely stupid I had to post it:

Watching the 2010 World Cup final and thinking that should’ve been Uruguay playing against Spain not Holland… the seven goals Germany pumped up Brazil’s ass.. seeing Suárez’ name on CNN (when he bit Chiellini) and thinking, this can’t be good! But it wasn’t all bad, so many debates which at the time seemed important, so much time spent conjuring up those fantasy XI’s… spending hours and hours editing Podcasts, Twitter re-tweets, Facebook posts which defended Nacho Gonzalez’ career for reasons that still escape me!

Eight years later I can help but think… “this shitty Blog is still around?”

Yorugua Yorugua 2 like

check this out.. ovacion betting on egidio maintaining his spot on the team, now that he will play in Racing.. getting what they call “on a roll..”
at age 36 you don’t need to be on a roll to compete.. you just need to be younger and recover the muscle response you had 10 years earlier and the cardiovascular stamina that never comes back..
why do they advocate in favor of this guy remaining FOREVER..?

yea.. congrats.. and now to what matters.. how do we get rid of el viejo..? i’m serious.. petitions failed.. there’s no negative press.. the hate-blogging is dismissed as noise.. he’s a stubborn son-of-a-bitch and will not even consider upgrading the team and letting go the obvious 500 ton collective ballast conformed by the burned up mono, sanchez, egidio, tata, cebolla, rolan and stuani.. why would anybody think that they could just suddenly get jump-started? i swear.. he needs to die soon.. this son of a bitch is bringing out the worst in our players and also the worst in most… Read more »

Hierba mala nunca muere 🙂 thank you guys for being around, show us you are here by commenting HB at least.


Haha Great! Thank you for the memories. Love this blog, even when I am not often around, it’s great to be able to read about La Más Gloriosa


lol thanks for the memories!


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