It has been 364 days since the last time Uruguay geared up against Argentina and since that time not much has changed besides the fact that both associations have finally confirmed an inevitable joint bid for the 2030 World Cup. Uruguay is enjoying their traditional mid-qualifier slump and Argentina is scrambling to put a team together under the fresh guidance of a new coach, this time under Jorge Sampaoli. That’s right the same man who brought Chile to the promise land in the 2015 Copa America will now try to implement his influence on a struggling Argentina team who is looking to find some sort of form before the World Cup next summer. (Let’s be real here, they will be there whether we like it or not).

Uruguay’s most significant Clasico Win in recent times. A 5-4 Shootout win to eliminate the 2011 Copa America Hosts en-route to winning a 15th title.


Uruguay looking for their first clasico goal since their 3-2 Win over Argentina in 2013 has inserted TWO major changes into their lineup for tomorrow as reported by the Tabarez-loving press; that is no Arevalo Rios and no Maxi Pereira, instead we get Caceres at right-back with Gaston Silva returning at left-back and Boca’s Nathian Nandez sliding into the midfield. If Tabarez sticks to his usual ultra-defensive 4-4-2 that means either Tata Gonzalez or Nandez will be shifted more out wide to the right.  Meanwhile the absence of Maxi Pereira will mean Uruguay will have no-natural fullbacks on the field of play as the entire back four have been playing predominantly in center-back roles for their clubs this season. What looks somewhat impressive is Uruguay’s bench and the promise it can bring during the game if Tabarez decides to properly use it. Lemos, Pereiro and Valverde all who have been finally given their chance in the National Team show potential and life however it is key to note that had Abel Hernandez not been injured we would not have seen the inclusion of Gaston Pereiro. Finally we get some young blood however; the statistics will tell us another story as 14 of the 25 players in Tabarez’s squad are of the age of 30 or older. Lastly; Luis Suarez who was supposed to be out for up to a month has sped up his recovery and managed to get himself into the lineup after a knee injuiy suffered a couple weeks ago against Real Madrid. (Last time we saw this happen – See England game Brazil 2014).

Expectation: Pereiro gets subbed on in the Second Half to help Uruguay to victory.

Reality: Uruguay is losing 1-0 and Tabarez prepares his only change Nicolas Lodeiro.



Uruguay need to brace themselves because we really don’t know what to expect from this Argentina team who are desperate for points. Sampaoli as he usually does will be expected to hit the ultra-attacking switch tonight. The front three of Messi, Dybala and Icardi will provide plently of troubles to Uruguay’s back four. Where Argentina can prove weak is in their tactical flexibility as the players are yet to fully grasp what Jorge Sampaoli truly wants from this side. Another point of attack for Uruguay will also be the back three and leaving spaces for Suarez and Cavani to create on the counter attack.  The Argentinian press is projecting a 3-4-1-2 from Sampaoli with either Fazio or Mascherano playing in the heart of the defence.

 In Conclusion…

The game overall will have a major impact on the outcome of the qualifiers as anywhere from 2nd place to 6th place is a toss up at the moment in CONMEBOL and after Chile was able to maintain the points from TAS things have become even more complicated and important meaning that teams cannot afford to slip into a run of poor results. The usual cutoff for a top 5 finish has been 23-25 points over recent qualifying campaigns however expect it to be 27-28 points this time around meaning Uruguay who have lost their last 5 games (Italy, Republic of Ireland, Peru, Brazil and Chile) need to find form fast. Otherwise we could be looking at another “repechaje”/playoff for La Celeste or even worse elimination from the World Cup. Before we get too negative we can look at a positive that a win against Argentina tonight will significantly increase Uruguay’s chances of qualifying. So let’s enjoy the game, comment and talk below as Uruguay is back in action!

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  1. jkmj says:

    Reading that Ovacion article inspired me to make my own starting line up for Russia. Goalkeeper, center backs, and forwards are obvious. The outstanding questions remain who joins Godin and Gimenez in the back, and who lines up directly in front of them. I think Caceres, should he remain healthy is a great option which leaves right back…This is legitimately tricky, becuase we have no one. Silva is eh and will probably end up being there, Federico Ricca is not a bad idea at all, in fact I’d like to see him play another game. However I would first try putting a young more talented centre back in that position and see how it works- see Lemos. Unfortunately for us, Guillermo Varela’s career digressed as well.

    Midfield- Vecino and now Valverde are now logical inclusions… and I’ve been saying forever that Pereiro needs to play! So I would put him in front those two. This leaves a last midfielder which again, I’m going for a young guy who hasn’t played in the squad yet- bentancur, who is rapidly rising at Juve. This would allow for a defensive mid- 2 center mids—attacking mid lineup. If he doesn’t get called up next round, I will be pissed. I don’t trust Nandez quite yet… he doesn’t seem to be anything quite special. I also don’t like all these not young players being called up from South America. Anyways this is my line up:


    Notice how young our midfield is.. but also notice what happened when Tabarez put in Valverde in for the first time. Too bad this is likely never to happen. What are your thoughts?

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    • jkmj says:

      Subs: Capaña, M. Silva, Ricca/Olivera, G. Silva, Coates, Arevalo, Nandez, Sanchez, Laxalt, C. Rodriguez, Rolan, Stuani

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    • jkmj says:

      Forgot about Torreira! Probably replace Cebolla with him. I just think it’d be dangerous to have our entire groups of midfielders made up of 21 year olds. There something to say about experience and leadership, which is why I’ve included Arevalo

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    • NicoGF NicoGF says:

      Caceres at left back is a weak full back offensively. If you want more attack put caceres on the right and olaza on the left! In my opinion, alex silva from peñarol is a good choice for right back. As left back i like espino from nacional. Local league players who could have something to offer in that position we lack “full-backs” who can actually attack and defend the whole game.

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    • sad sad says:

      As he starts playing more with sampdoria I want to see Ramirez getting some chances for Uruguay

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    • sad sad says:

      Also Mauro arambarri playing well for getafe .scored a cracker last week

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  2. Alessandro Viña Alessandro Viña says:

    Who would of thought Sergio Gorzy could think of this good idea…
    Nandez, Bentancourt

    Not a bad idea if you look at it… adding Suarez and Cavani up front.

    In my eyes I would love to see a midfield diamond of, Vecino, Torreria, Bentancourt and Valverde however we would need better fullbacks and Uruguay doesn’t seem to have that at the moment. The best thing we could do for fullbacks at the moment is have Caceres at the right and have someone else such as Federico Ricca or Maximilliano Olivera on the left.

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    • Alessandro Viña Alessandro Viña says:

      Caceres, Gimenez, Godin, Ricca or Olivera
      Vecino, Torreria, Bentancourt
      Suarez, Cavani

      Subs: Campana, Nandez, Lemos, Pereiro, Coates, Gaston Silva, Abel Hernandez, Maxi Gomez, Laxalt, Urretivascaya,

      Keep in mind in the case of suspensions or injuries, Gimenez can also play fullback as he has done under Simenoe at Ateltico a few times last season.

      I believe only one of these players should be kept as a bench player for “experience” purposes whether on or off the field.
      OUT: Arevalo Rios, Corujo, Cebolla,and Maxi Pereira

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    • jkmj says:

      These are exactly my thoughts! I love the idea of Ricca as left back and my midfield diamond includes, Bentancur, Vecino, Valverde, and Pereiro. PLS TABAREZ

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    • Alessandro Viña Alessandro Viña says:

      Completely forgot about De Arrascaeta and Sanchez there is for sure room for him in the squad.

      Im just afraid because Tabarez does not look like he will give up the likes of; Gonzalez, Loderio, Cebolla, Maxi, Arevalo Rios, Corujo…

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    • NicoGF NicoGF says:

      This “little” odds we give will cost us wc chances.. Add the lack of a creative, dominant, playing style which he had time to develop but refused to with the argument “uruguay never passed the ball accurately and could still win”. Not anymore guys, you dont win a wc like that anymore: spain 2010 and germany 2014 are rolemodels of modern era champions. We dont have to play like them, but neither to ignore and give away possession like its garbage.

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  3. AussieCeleste AussieCeleste says:

    The frustration for me is that the old man takes two steps forward mixed with two steps back.

    Everybody knows that there is the skeleton of a good defence (Godin, Caceres, Gimenez).

    Everybody knows that Suarez and Cavani is a superb attack.

    The issue is obviously the midfield and Mono Pereira.

    But the solutions exist.

    I don’t really get OWT’s fascination with Nahitan Nandez, but it’s still better than Cebolla or Tata or Arevalo Rios.

    I think that the key in Russia is going to be to play with Valverde and Vecino in central midfield with either De Arrascaeta or Pereiro in there too.

    In effect, the lack of adequate full-backs says to me that 3-4-1-2 is the way to go.

    To me, it looks like this:

    …………De Arrascaeta………..

    The scariest aspect is the decisions to be made between Mono, Varela and Corujo. Two of them are over 30, yet rubbish. How can the answer be Mono?

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  4. NicoGF NicoGF says:

    Podcast coming up this sat, say topic ideas pls 🙂 here or in the offtopic

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  5. sad sad says:

    so the old man delivers again Vamos Uruguay

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  6. KangaCeleste KangaCeleste says:

    Not because I said it beforehand but I do believe that was vecinos best game.

    And I believe it’s because the guy was confident he had an actual football player next to him.

    Also that pass from valverde to cavani. Hahahaha, we haven’t seen that shit since 2011, maybe even not then.

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  7. thebigfeller thebigfeller says:

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  8. thebigfeller thebigfeller says:

    Well… that was better. Much better. There’s a certain crispness about Uruguay on nights like these; you can see they know they’re going to a get a result from pretty early on.

    Sure, Paraguay had chances here and there – but as the apprentice to Uruguay’s master, they never looked like they knew how to break through. Muslera, one of the top 6 or 8 goalkeepers in the world, was excellent; Godin, arguably the best central defender on the planet, masterful.

    And in the middle, eureka! A bit of calm, a bit of invention, a bit of technique. The boy’s only 19, so I don’t want to get too carried away – but as debuts go, that was truly something to behold. Take a bow Fede Valverde; take a bow!

    Thus after all the problems, all the old issues resurfacing, Uruguay are back in 2nd place with two rounds to go… and those two rounds are against opposition who couldn’t have been better handpicked at this stage. Lounge chairs, cigars and Russia beckon – while we sit and laugh at Argentina and Chile, and wonder if they’ll make it at all.

    Credit where it’s due. VAMOS URUGUAY!

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    • FourThreeThree FourThreeThree says:

      Still alot of the old issues that need to be dealt with, namely Mono and Cebolla. These guys add absolutely nothing to the team except dead weight.

      I honestly thought Paraguay was closer to scoring than Uruguay until Valverde’s goal. Uruguay had more ball control in 1st half but Paraguay’s D was double-manning or even triple-manning Suarez (and Cavani had a poor game, too many lost balls) because Cebolla/Caceres did not pose any danger. Paraguay was specially very dangerous on the aerial play in our box, they won most headers (a rarity against Uruguay) although they only got a few on the net.

      As you said, some very positive vibes to build upon. It was extremely unfair for OWT to throw Valverde into that pressure cooker situation (similar to throwing Lodeiro into the side vs Costa Rica in 2009) although I appreciate that during the summer exhibition games Valverde was still occupied with the U20. He is 19 and will only get better. Passing was still not crisp but there was certainly more positive play from the duo, Valverde and Vecino. And Sanchez looks like his old self.

      Any wagers on whether Laxalt will get a shot in the next round, to replace Cebolla?

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  9. NicoGF NicoGF says:

    Not fair, OWT is reading the blog and getting some results now 🙂 we still poor man, split the cake!

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    • Yorugua Yorugua says:

      This Blog will die poor but who cares!

      Fantastic result – Fantastic day, watching Argentina eat shit in Buenos Aires was fantastic, but watching Bolivia shit all over Chile and Ecuador losing at home was priceless. The Xenophobic Asshole in me had a field day! – Vamo Uruguay!

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    • thebigfeller thebigfeller says:



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    • KangaCeleste KangaCeleste says:

      Well done to Bolivia. They were correctly burning after Chile ran off to fifa. And yes everyone else would do the same but those Chileans and their fans have an arrogance that does make it worse.

      I honestly prefer they don’t make the world cup and argies do.

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  10. jkmj says:

    A nice I TOLD YOU SO to Tabarez for putting Valverde in and seeing some results….THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU PUT IN OUR YOUNG TALENT. Next put in Pereiro pls so our midfield can start looking like a midfield.

    P.S El mono was straight trash

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    • Yorugua Yorugua says:

      I commend you for addressing the “straight trash” player by his true nickname, MONO, and not that PC garbage “Maxi” people started using in the last 3 years…

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    • FourThreeThree FourThreeThree says:

      Our defense is probably the poorest it has been in years. Mono is absolutely terrible. He was never much of a defender but now even offensively, he is useless. Caceres was completely useless. Don’t know if it was OWT’s orders but he was higher up the field than Cebolla and Cebolla had to continually cover his back. Caceres passing was poor, his positioning in the box was also wrong. Gimenez takes too long to distribute the ball, invites pressure and then only has the long ball as an option. Even Muslera was long ball happy. OWT always talks about limiting the opposition; in this game with the long ball and the aerial passes, we actually played to Paraguay’s strength. Paraguay were very good at moving the ball in the air due to their speed. Something we are lacking. Changing Stuani for Cebolla, why not put in Laxalt? Sanchez on the bench instead of Nandez? Just when you figured Paraguay was about to score Valverde scored his miracle goal.

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    • jkmj says:

      I’m going to have to disagree about your judgement of our defense. We have an incredible center back pairing who have played brilliantly the last two games. Caceres played like he usually does, he’s up the wing when he gets the chance but is solid when he’s back. Only mono was bad on our defensive line, but gimenez and godin efforts made up for it

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  11. TaurusZA says:

    A while back, I read a post on this blog about grabbing the calculators to “figure out how we can screw this up”. I naïvely didn’t believe it to be possible, but guess what? We have blown our lead completely. We should have been booking flights to Russia by now, but instead we’re in deep trouble after throwing away three consecutive games in which we had 1-0 leads (the Peru one was the worst).

    So what’s gonna happen here guys? I reckon that Argentina, Colombia and Chile will all end tomorrow’s matches tied on 26 points. For me, the only acceptable outcome is to beat Paraguay so that we get to 27. If we draw, we’re in the playoff position by a single point; if we lose, we’re hanging on by the skin of our teeth on goal difference.

    Our defence and attack are okay, but the problem is that there is NO midfield whatsoever. Is this truly the best midfield that Uruguay has to offer? This decrepit bunch of dinosaurs who cannot create a single chance for two of the best forwards in the world?

    In 2010, OWT had some analogy about a blanket that I’ve never figured out. Something along the lines of being able to cover your head, or cover your toes, but not being able to do both. I’m afraid that this blanket is in tatters now – probably from having been run over by the mobility scooter too many times – and it’s ripped in half. The head and toes are covered, but there’s nothing in the middle. Kind of like an empañada without a filling.

    If Arce gets Paraguay to play like they played against Chile, we’re done for.

    Enjoy the games everyone!

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  12. thebigfeller thebigfeller says:

    Uruguay played for a 0-0 throughout, and they got a 0-0. 15 minutes from the end, because of Chile’s disaster at home to Paraguay, Argentina raised the white flag and settled for 0-0 themselves. They surrendered against a team they are (or at least, should be) far superior to!

    In the last 25 minutes, both sides truly surpassed themselves. In that entire time, Uruguay completed a grand total of 7 – SEVEN! – passes. And also in that entire time, Argentina – passive, ponderous, so predictable it was unbelievable, knocking the ball from side to side like the shifting, whispering sands of a beach in the heart of the River Plate – made a grand total of zero chances.

    Were Argentina there for the taking on Thursday night? I don’t think so, no. It only looked that way because they were confronted by opponents who took anti-football to new heights. Shit on a stick. Mierda en un palo. No football please, we’re Uruguayan. But hey ho, it’s all about the result… right?

    Just as it’ll also be all about the result on Tuesday. When Uruguay, be in no doubt, will again play for a 0-0… but this time, I don’t think they’ll get away with it. Will they qualify? Yes, probably. But brace yourselves: I think it’s going to be via 5th place yet again.

    TBF’s projected final standings:

    1. Brazil 45
    2. Argentina 30
    3. Chile 29
    4. Colombia 29
    5. Uruguay 28
    6. Paraguay 28

    It really is that close. Those standings, incidentally, assume defeat in Asuncion, a pathetic draw in Venezuela, and an easy win over the mighty Bolivia: the brand new world record holders for longest period in history (54 games!) without an away win in a competitive match. But it’s the middle of those three games that’s the critical one: win and La Celeste will qualify automatically; draw and it’s the play-offs; lose, and it’s buenas noches, amigos.

    Not, mind you, that New Zealand will be easy meat if La Celeste end up facing them; the mind boggles as to what would happen if Uruguay lost that tie. And if they qualify? If this ugly duckling of world football qualifies from this ugly duckling of a group of purest mediocrity? Prepare for a whopping, gigantic, 1974-style embarrassment on the global stage. That is to say: the debacle and humiliation which this miserable old fossil and his timid, terrified ways richly deserve.

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    • Yorugua Yorugua says:

      Welcome to the Blog, stranger… have you checked out our Off-Topic section? – all kidding aside the Worse Uruguay plays at least it guarantees the rare TBF pop-in… thanks for checking in fella! Feel free to stretch yer legs and berate us with your trademarked misery.

      AussieCeleste should be commenting in the next few days of course.

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    • KangaCeleste KangaCeleste says:

      Valverde is playing.

      Which means we will play higher up the pitch.

      Which means we will see the best of vecino who can’t play his game in his own box.

      Sometimes a team is missing a player, valverde is that player.

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    • plaga9celeste plaga9celeste says:

      yea well any good that may come from valverde’s inclusion will be canceled out by bringing back el mono on defense.. there is where they will attack us..

      but it was laughable reading some ovacion article where they were questioning tabarez as the rumor of the valverde start was building: “two mixed central mids? that contradicts el maestro’s philosophy where he always has one marking-only mid-fielder, sometime two”
      in other words, they couldn’t believe it.. the idiots are more conservative than the coach (if that is even possible).
      it is pretty pathetic that it takes a suspension of a very pedestrian mid player like tata to convince the coach into playing the kid.. didn’t it cross his mind during the Arg. game that tata was basically a nominal figure mainly concerned with messi, and still couldn’t contain him? wasn’t it obvious that a diminished suarez was hurting our counter abilities.. we needed another pass or two before chunking it upfield.. and having a couple of guys like vecino and valverde together could get you the necessary fluidity..

      still, there’s nothing they can do, if the back four cannot be more patient moving the ball around..
      it is really maddening to see back passes to the defense being just chunked up field by gimenez/godin with the 1/2 of a glim of a thought of a hope that cavani can run it down..
      that is bad coaching.. they have to be telling them to look for that long ball right away..
      being a counterattacking team is fine.. it’s just that NOT EVERY ball you touch in the back has a possibility of becoming a counterattack.. sometimes you have to reset and look to move things around..

      i can see that pereiro will not get in unless we are losing and he may choose to put in stuani first so i’m not holding my breath..
      this is historically a very bad spot.. a draw here is actually (yes, this time..) a good result..

      good game everyone..

      Current score: 1
  13. Yorugua Yorugua says:

    If you’re a neutral who just tuned in to watch a soccer match last night, that was probably one of the worst displays of soccer you could’ve seen.

    Some of the Ass-Clowns at TyC Sports were already selling the “draw” as the most likely scenario before the game was even played, I should’ve guessed with a sold-out stadium that was going to be the likely scenario – Remember the Jordan game at El Centenario, when everyone packs the Centenario Tabarez doesn’t feel any obligation to win. Always teaching… Always cramming another useless lesson nobody cares for!

    Uruguay should’ve taken care of this pitiful Argentina side, I’ve never seen a team with less chemistry than the one Sampaoli assembled, the only time they looked dangerous were when they played near the box allowing Messi to cook his Catalonian fuckery ––– horrible game on so many levels. Yes Uy were defensively solid but where was the offense? Suarez and Cavani looked like they were marooned on a desert island.

    Last nite’s game was a defensive bottle neck which Tabarez loves –––– we’ll have to see whether this point helps us in the long run. Based on what I saw from Argentina, it looks like they might need the repechaje to fix that hot mess, WTF, were they playing? – Tanto Humo vendieron con ese viejo Chileno!

    Current score: 0
    • plaga9celeste plaga9celeste says:

      i spent a few minutes reading some hinchas’ comments on the “Warriors” tweets and i was amazed with the conformism.. most think we played fine..
      this was the anti-football at its finest of expressions.. the english commentators on beIN had a 75/25 possession % in favor of Arg. (that’s for Nico..LOL)
      i’m not saying that i want to dominate time of possession.. but you have to come somewhat close to a long 40..
      and the reason this happens is and has been more than obvious: we divide most of the balls we recover by chunking them upfield not really passing them..

      my pipe dream lineup at Asuncion (with what he has):
      i’m going with a 4-2-3-1.. because it is a road game and because suarez can’t run..
      i’m moving nandez to the parallel-5 and get some firepower on the two “entrealas” leaving suarez as the center enganche, a position he actually played yesterday on the 1st half.. on the 2nd half, inexplicably, cavani became the 5th volante (i hate that word) and a slow/tired suarez was left alone as point – result: zero shots from el pistlero..
      so here it goes:

      caceres, gimenez, godin, laxalt
      ———-nadez, vecino
      —valverde, suarez, pereiro

      Current score: 1
    • Yorugua Yorugua says:

      @P9C – i read the comments on Ole, nobody liked Sampaoli’s team…and we’re talking about rabid Argentineans who put down Uruguay first but you get more honesty there than anything we’re seeing. On Ovacion (in the comments) you get some truth….. on Twitter, certain people I follow say the truth but there are a shit-load of alcahuetes that pollute Twitter. They’re all happy is Suarez is playing, I guess that’s fine, its like following a Rock Band i guess, these alcahuetes have a shitload more followers than LCB does ––– but who cares? If that’s all they want in their national team, to identify with Luis Suarez, to yell “vamo Uruguay”… more power to them. I watch the games, I got out of the identification business many moons ago. I identify only with the fact that this team is supposed to represent Uruguay, the ethos of Garra Charrua (Never say Die attitude) is too strong for me to give up on. It has a history which I subscribe to and won’t renounce. But when I see the amount of morons that basically follow the national team because Suarez plays on it, I do have to scratch my head. But again, its like a Rock Band, they follow it. This type of nonsense is evident also in the amount of British Expats who fell in love with Maradona and write to death about how good Argentina is…. have they seen any of the games? – that garbage we saw last night was revolting… where was the football? I saw two teams afraid of scoring goals. I knew we weren’t going to get much from Uruguay but watching Argentina was comical for me. Wasn’t Sampaoli supposed to be the second coming of Pep Guardiola? it was funny and sad to watch at the same time. Uruguay were playing as if we were facing Germany and we were really facing a team that played like Panama at best…. the substitutions you mentioned in your earlier comments were ridiculous, it was coward ball, something I haven’t seen since the French Match (2010)… nothing has changed in 7 plus years. This coach is afraid of his own shadow, wasn’t this the coach that Marcelo Bielsa once admired? There isn’t much to admire anymore. Timid managing, conformist results, argghhhh but I’ll watch Paraguay match on Tuesday – this damn Uruguayaness will be the death of me!

      Current score: 3
  14. plaga9celeste plaga9celeste says:

    uruguay noma!!.. frustramos a messi. dybala se resbala..wandardi es mas cagon que aguero..
    pero que sistema mas amarrete que tenemos..
    i solo el viejo de mierda deja a suarez 80 minutos y lo revienta.. dijo que fue un calambre.. no se..
    mi momento favorito fue cuando salio el tata y mostraron a corujo.. ajajajaja.. te la cante.. que viejo-hijo-de-1000-puta..
    stuani por suarez fue el 2do momento mas disfrutable..
    tata suspendido.. vuelve egidio seguro..
    nandez es un poco como el cebolla pero derecho y con menos talento.. agacha la zaviola y corre para adelante.. el maestro lo ama ya.. ya encontro el 8 hasta el 2027..
    la defensa aguanto.. sin el mono ya era mejoria.. a silva no lo encararon (mal de ellos) messi se fue para adentro y el lateral/volante no la toco mucho..

    Current score: 3
    • Yorugua Yorugua says:

      LOL on Corujo/Stuani substitutions…

      On Suarez, Maybe I’m wrong and he doesn’t play against Py but I think he faked that injury because he went hard on the challenge, he should’ve been shown the card. Sabiduria Criolla! Avoided the Card and drew a standing ovation in the process! Our Hero!

      Not seeing Mono was the only true positive last night! I think yer right, Fat-Boy Arevalo comes back for the Paraguay game… he’s wrong to put him in for that much tho, he needs a younger team against Paraguay – gonna be a lot of running in that one.

      Current score: 1
    • KangaCeleste KangaCeleste says:

      I’m over OWT too. But I also for some reason have a sliver of faith in him. Don’t know why but I do.

      That being said, that faith goes if he plays Rios against Paraguay.

      Playing defensive against argies I get. Against Paraguay no. Prove me right viejo. Prove me right.

      Current score: 0
    • plaga9celeste plaga9celeste says:

      i admire that faith Kanga, but if yiu think he will play valverde you are really dreaming.. actually i thought and i said it) bringing him in now was a little mistimed..
      historians they tell me that schiafino had his debut with la celeste at age 18.. of course he wouldn’t have played for tabarez at all..
      but more than likely he’ll bring useless corujo (the 25 minute/zero touches man)..
      another possibility: (brace yourself) he brings mono back and moves caceres to the middle.. he likes to make inventions like that..
      another possibility, probable the least harmful, he moves nandez to the center and brings back sanchez..
      either way the two and only two “creating” players he has (pereiro & valverde) will not see the pitch..

      Current score: 1
    • Yorugua Yorugua says:

      @KC – he has to win 2 matches, he’s got the Bolivia match, he needs one more win, an Away win… either in Paraguay or in Venezuela ––– he’s matched or surpassed the win total of the last 2 Qualifier tournaments (2010 and 2014) – but the playing style has been consistently poor. There is no playing style. We played like shit last night. Too many people were and are afraid of Argentina, maybe Sabella’s Argentina were sharper, but that garbage Sampaoli put out last night played even worse than we did. It should’ve taken Tabarez 20 minutes to realize that he could’ve made a first half substitution and inserted a player to try to find Suarez and Cavani (could’ve been Carlos Sanchez, Pereiro or even Valverde)… instead he settled for the Tata/Nandez Fake Double-Pivot… look defensively speaking, Uy, were fine but zero goals, two of the world’s best strikers reduced to spectators… Cavani forced to drop back, Suarez fouling anything with a pulse. I didn’t like what I saw last night. All we did was gift-basket points to Argentina. Shit Draw, Shit Coach but everyone is happy as long as Suarez plays… I guess it was a win for everyone.

      Current score: 1
    • Yorugua Yorugua says:

      @P9C – he used Silva as an organizing centre-back and had Godin (who is the main set-up man in the back) defending deeper – Tabarez played with four flat centre-backs (and Caceres acting as a sort of advancing centre-back, which would be typically a right-back or left-back but not really) –––– its possible he can bring back Mono if he wants the ball advanced on the wings from behind. He can also bring back Carlos Sanchez, exploit the right flank. But its the Nandez show now, forget any creativity on the right flank.

      Paraguay is Uruguay’s mirror image, he needs to get a GPS tracker and ‘rediscover’ Uy’s attacking midfield – right now its too much ball disruption, fine if we’re facing a superior side (Brazil or Germany) but Paraguay?! He mentioned in his press conferences that Uy will play similar to the Argentina match, if that’s the case then we’re in for one dull match on Tuesday.

      Tuesday’s game is winnable, provided Tabarez wants to win it… hopefully Suarez will be freed from Defensive duties and can get to the business of scoring goals – I’ll light a candle for Cavani, great forward who has been reduced to “Extra-Defensive body” in the Tabarez era!

      Current score: 3
    • KangaCeleste KangaCeleste says:

      Unless OWT is being a troll it looks like Valverde will start.

      I hope he transforms the team. I said above valverde should force Uruguay to play higher. Which means vecino plays higher and he is a great player (don’t judge him on seeing him play in his own half)

      Current score: 1
  15. NicoGF NicoGF says:

    No goals scored against arg since 2013, the back four are all centre-backs, half the squad is 30 or older. You make strong points there. Olaza & Gunino are real fullbacks. Pereiro and valverde could change the pace of the game for good, the later one is a younger version of porras who knows how to pass and when building possession goes back to connect with the defense, kind of what pirlo taught us as the deep field lying playmaker or something like that. Cebolla and tata are old bad jokes. Im starting to get excited who knows why, not nervous, weird! Im starting to enjoy more than suffering, kind of removed the do or die attitude, tabarez showed me to find value in defeat? Lol. Ok football doesnt feed my family and the coach likes boring football what can we do? Just gather together with beloved pairs and have a blast, no big deal, yeah i adopted a pecho frio approach to preserve my health, wanna be alive for russia 2018.
    “Reality: Uruguay is losing 1-0 and Tabarez prepares his only change Nicolas Lodeiro”. Hahhhaha
    Argetinas only real weakness today is the new coach, which can be a good long term decision, only results and performances will tell, but today is too soon for them to grasp the idea, expect a more result oriented approach.

    The best possible escenario is tabarez gets uru to the wc, and dies a hero, just trust batman dont stay long enough to see yourself become the villain? 🙂
    Btw what do you drink today guys? Mate, beer, coffee?

    Current score: 6
    • Alessandro Viña Alessandro Viña says:

      you either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain – Harvey Dent in the Dark Knight love that movie, as that quote remains so applicable to tabarez.

      Current score: 5

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