Like most of the la Celeste supporters, I am normally very opinionated about la Celeste and in particular, Tabarez. I spent most of the 2010 WCQ criticizing him and asking for a change. However, he seemed to catch lightning in a bottle and la Celeste reached heights that have been truly rare in my lifetime.

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This article is the first in a series, being provided by LCB as a public service to any and all rising football players from Uruguay (or South America) who dream of playing in the EPL (English Premier League):

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When la Celeste started the 2007 Copa America, Tabarez selected a mix of veterans and youngsters that included only seven players from the Play-off loss to Australia in 2005.

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This is a question that we as Uruguayans are always asking ourselves. Is it because we see the “enganche” or “diez” as some sort of “Super-hero” and therefore believe that one is required in order to have a winning team? The truth is that Uruguay has not produced many “enganches” in recent years.   Jonathan Wilson defines the “enganche” as the playmaker  also known as the enlace (the link) –– the “enganche” […]

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When Diego Aguirre left his post as the U20 coach, many of those who follow the U20 team (and the senior team) were concerned about the void that would exist until a replacement was found, especially since everyone was focused on the upcoming World Cup. But the AUF made a relatively quick decision. They awarded the U20 coaching job to Juan Verzeri, who had finished a strong campaign with Racing […]

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During the 2010 World Cup, the world has learned that we are a tiny nation of only 3.5 million people with an incredible soccer history, two World Championships (before FIFA inaugurated the World Cup) and two World Cups. And we have the four stars on our emblem to prove it.

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SOUTH AFRICA: Recent game: In the game against Mexico, South Africa had 3 dangerous plays and two came on counter-attacks. Their lone goal resulted when the Mexican defender hesitated in covering the sprinting winger Tshabalala, but the play initiated because the Mexican CDM was not effective in stopping the inside play.

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FRANCE Recent friendlies: After playing World Cup contenders Spain in early March 2010, you have to wonder why France would choose to play 3 teams with such low FIFA rankings just prior to the Worl Cup. Even so, in the 3 recent friendlies, France culminated a record of 1 W, 1 D, 1L with 3 GF, 3 GA.

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