was created on June of 2009. The impetus behind this website is to unite Uruguayan football supporters and allow them to express their opinion of the Uruguayan National Team. Uruguayans by nature are very critical of the National Team and as well as they should be since Uruguayan football has a rich history and standard that is envied by millions and needs to be respected and continued. Uruguayans whether living in Uruguay or abroad are united by that common thread, supporting “La Celeste” whether during the World Cup, a World Cup Qualifier, the Copa America or even an International Friendly Match where nothing seems to be at stake, but in truth, something is always at stake: national pride.

When it comes to talking about Uruguay, it’s important to remember that there are thousands of Uruguayans spread out around the world, and no matter where they are, their opinions truly matter. Uruguayan supporters in AustraliaCanada, the United Kingdom, the United States of AmericaItalySpainBrazil and Uruguay regularly visit this site and we continue to request comments and opinions from all of our readers throughout the world. Our goal therefore is to analyze & discuss the state of Uruguayan football and lastly to unite fans in their support to La Celeste.

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