Formed shortly after Brazil had defeated Uruguay 4-0, on June 6, 2009.  La Celeste Blog was created around the central idea that Uruguay’s national football team is worth talking about. The Blog is managed out of Florida, Uruguay which is situated only 98 km. from Montevideo.


La Celeste Blog was created by Jules, Nico and Yorugua – They’re available for Bar Mitzvahs and Parcheesi.

Monetary donations of any kind are always welcomed, any suggestions or questions can be mailed directly to;

Simpáticos to the Blog


 • El Maestro Tabárez Uruguay’s all-time winningest coach, the man who knows what’s right for our football and the man we affectionately refer to as “El Maestro” – This is by far our biggest interview ever and one which was translated into English as well.  Although the interview could’ve been documented better, there are enough morsels to snack on to disregard technical issues.

• Ivan Eginsson Eysturland Uruguay’s number one supporter – Farerets, as he is known on the Blog, has been a very good friend to the Blog for many years and even allowed us to interview him on one occassion, now starring in TV commercials in Uruguay, Ivan is also the focus of a biography which this Blog highly recommends, contact him at for an English language copy.

• Ignacio María González Newcastle reject, Nacho González, gets more Blog mentions than Luis Suárez, currently playing for Montevideo Wanderers, Nacho has been supportive of the Blog and has been interviewed twice by this Blog, a third interview is forthcoming – Amunt Nacho!


••• The Big Feller – Long time reader & occasional contributor.

••• FourThreeThree – provides tactical analysis – lives in Canada.

••• Fox4 – a staunch supporter of Uruguay’s national team by way of Canada, Fox4 writes about the Sky-Blue’s historical legacy. Follow him on Twittter @UruFootballEN


Please note that we’re not associated with La AUF or any other official entity that may represent Uruguay’s national team business interests. The majority of the content is based purely on the opinions of the writers.

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