The start of Uruguay’s busy 2014 calendar year kicks off this upcoming Wednesday when Austria hosts Uruguay at Klagenfurt.

The Lindwurm (or Dragon Fountain), the symbol of Klagenfurt.

The Lindwurm (or Dragon Fountain), the symbol of Klagenfurt.

Uruguay’s national team will play against a team that is also conveniently outfitted by “Puma” … what this means is that either Puma intervened on Uruguay’s behalf or not too many teams were interested in playing against Uruguay. Regardless of how “La AUF” went about in arranging this friendly, the Sky Blue will use this friendly match to prepare for the World Cup tournament. That being said the real warm-up matches begin in late May. After this match is played Uruguay will have a 2 month break which on paper seems a bit long.

Stuani needs a real nickname and "Sir Gol" is growing on me!

Stuani needs a real nickname and “Sir Gol” is growing on me!

The team Uruguay will field will probably resemble what we’ve seen from Uruguay in the months of October and November. Cavani who is still injured gets to sit this one out while Forlán who recently joined Japan’s J-League may start this match.

The complete list of players Washington Tabárez is taking to Klagenfurt are as follows:

  • Goalkeepers: Muslera & Martín Silva
  • Defenders: Lugano, Godín, José María Giménez, Cáceres, Fucile, Alejandro Silva, & Maxi Pereira
  • Midfielders: Gargano, Diego Pérez, Arévalo-Ríos, Álvaro González, Álvaro Pereira, Cristian Rodríguez, Lodeiro & Gastón Ramírez.
  • Strikers: Forlán, Suárez, Stuani & Abel Hernández.

Austria capped the following 23 players for this game:

  • Goalkeepers: Robert Almer, Heinz Lindner, Ramazan Özcan
  • Defenders: Aleksandar Dragovic, Christian Fuchs, György Garics , Martin Hinteregger, Florian Klein, Emanuel Pogatetz, Sebastian Prödl, Markus Suttner
  • Midfielders: David Alaba, Marko Arnautovic, Guido Burgstaller, Martin Harnik, Andreas Ivanschitz, Zlatko Junuzovic, Veli Kavlak, Christoph Leitgeb, Marcel Sabitzer
  • Strikers: Marc Janko, Andreas Weimann, Lukas Hinterseer

Enjoy yer weekend.

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  1. Maldoror55 Maldoror55 says:

    “playing passing football aint all about having quality players nor playing with enganches all around. it is about mentalizing the players to adapt to a system. thats why newells and river plate (uru) can pass the ball without having better players than the uruguay national team (its been like 6 years with tabarez and we still can’t pass the ball). tabarez should read this:
    Yes,but why than Newels and River Pl.are not the same level like Barcelona? Why Barcelona has bought Neymar,Alexis,Mascherano,Alvez,Song,Affelay,and not just use its own academy,which would cost much cheaper?
    Btw.for tikka-takka you not only need enganche.You need enganches.Bacelona;Xavi Iniesta,Fabregas+ false9 Messi.Spain;Xavi,Iniesta,Fabregas,David Silva+false9 Torres.For such football you need many players who are at any time,any situation of the game able to take the role of enganche.

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    • NicoGF NicoGF says:

      yeah sure i agree maldo. of course. its the same system played at different levels. of course barcelona got the better players. but it is pleasant too when u see a team lacking economical ressources and adopting this system. its pretty brave. and newells too, compared to barcelona they are poor. my question is… is newells a young team? no! why do they look like they ran all the field? they made the ball go round! its the f. system of play. the formula. they have been working on it. what did we do in la celestE? nothing, we just resigned on passing the ball, like its set in stone we have to sit and wait for suarez and cavani brilliancy. its laziness.

      Current score: 2
    • Chinatown Kid Chinatown Kid says:

      Really good comment here…

      “Btw.for tikka-takka you not only need enganche.You need enganches.Bacelona;Xavi Iniesta,Fabregas+ false9 Messi.Spain;Xavi,Iniesta,Fabregas,David Silva+false9 Torres.For such football you need many players who are at any time,any situation of the game able to take the role of enganche.”

      Very true in what you say, and very hard to replicate not just because of the academy but because the players they bring in fit the system perfectly. If Barça is missing a player, they go out and buy one (Dani Alves or Fabregas) … Almost approaching “totaalvoetbal” – with regards to offense.

      Current score: 2
  2. NicoGF NicoGF says:

    Current score: 0
    • plaga9celeste plaga9celeste says:

      oh yeah.. the delightful “futbol en espacios reducidos” – football in tight spaces.. a recurrent passing exercise guaranteed to provide the futbol fluidity we all aspire..
      never understood this tactic.. why can’t they line up the team on the entire field and practice passing balls around..? this little futbol is not very realistic.. notice the passes are often casual and without much conviction.. the ball es elevated often times.. there is no emphasis on keeping the ball tight to the ground with crisp passing.. the ball squeezed onto the ground, stricken hard, not lazily with 20 little bounces before it gets to the other player..

      Current score: 2
  3. Maldoror55 Maldoror55 says:

    Yes,they pretend to practice.In front of cameras.Actually they play futsal.La Celeste meetings are holidays for them,a rest from their clubs tough professional discipline.Chinatown Kid’s ancient idea about the sparring team was the best one.A sparring team which would challenge them all the time,push them towards improvement,because sparring team would be consisted of players who are ambitious to become La Celeste,to take over their places…..Yes against sparring team even Russo would quickly learn how to pass.

    Current score: 3
    • Chinatown Kid Chinatown Kid says:

      Ancient? LOL… that was from a 2011 post.

      The original idea was that the sparring team had to be made up exclusively of Nacional/Peñarol players.

      Will never happen tho, and they also don’t have the players anymore to give the Sky-Blue a real test. You could probably get a better game nowadays if you play against the Under-20 side.

      Current score: 2
  4. NicoGF NicoGF says:

    btw i sang LCB rap for ya guys:

    more important than accurate passing are the previous moves, like, how to shield the ball:

    and how to receive the ball with an effective first touch:

    even zidane says the first contact with the ball is the most important thing in football. all his highlights had an effective first contact:

    Current score: 1
  5. NicoGF NicoGF says:

    Current score: 1
  6. Celeste24283050 Celeste24283050 says:

    starting lineup: Fernando Muslera; Maximiliano Pereira, Diego Lugano, Diego Godín, Jorge Fucile; Christian Stuani, Egidio Arévalo Ríos, Diego Pérez, Cristian Rodríguez; Luis Suárez y Diego Forlán.

    its honeslty sad really
    i hope Austria wins 4-0 so maybe tabarez can wake up !!!!!!

    Current score: 4
  7. Maldoror55 Maldoror55 says:

    Absolutely Nico,the first touch or reception of the ball is the most important thing.La Celeste doesn’t cherish this because we play on the second ball.We always try to win the ball,or make them fail to pass,we are totally focused to confuse the opponent.And than if we are lucky,if happens the opportunity, to score one goal to lead and sit back on it.
    And the control of the ball is also important.Its better that one player traps and holds the ball between legs for sometime than that the team loses the ball after second or third pass.
    Its also important to feel how much you need to kick the ball when you go with it,that the opponent doesn’t intercept.These are all weaknesses of LC midfield.And this team had at least 4 years to practice it.And they have done nothing.They show the same old flaws like in 2010,and Meastro even says;”we are not going to win the cup.Only to make some difficulties to big teams.”
    And its true,we do it always,but also always we lose,however narrow,but we lose.
    So actually he doesnt prepare for World Cup.He is already prepared,since winning Jordan.His peak and plateau was 5:0 against Jordan.The same capacity team will face Italy and England,and try to give them “some trouble”.Like against Brazil on Confederation cup.Very ambitious,very brave,and very sportlike spirited perspective.And is even called a realistic,the awareness of its own limitation.What a colonially enslaved mind.It is how thinks Uruguayan Uncle Tom.Uruguayan Friday.

    Current score: 1
  8. Maldoror55 Maldoror55 says:

    I am so sorry I wouldn’t be able to watch tomorrow .I have very important meeting and dinner.Maybe somebody records this and put on Youtube or somewhere? Maybe,also will be the replay on some TV channel,later, during the night?

    Current score: 1
    • Chinatown Kid Chinatown Kid says:

      According to LiveSoccerTV,

      Game is being shown on Be-In Sports in the United States. The guy who used to upload these games on YouTube was a guy called “yyorugua” (no relation).

      Some other interesting games tomorrow:
      Spain v Italy
      Germany v Chile
      Romania v Argentina

      Current score: 2
  9. Celeste24283050 Celeste24283050 says:

    this is a video on Uruguay’s journey to brazil 2014

    Current score: 2
  10. Maldoror55 Maldoror55 says:

    Thank you for link ChinatownK!

    I will also watch Penarol-Rentista,later,to see this 18 years old Nandez,Penarol’s Pereiro.

    Current score: 2
  11. NicoGF NicoGF says:

    Current score: 1
  12. Maldoror55 Maldoror55 says:

    “you may watch pacheco take his penalty too. as in every other liga uruguaya game”
    Absolutely,this is the obligatory part of the performance.
    Without his penalty, fanaticos would demolish the stadium.

    Current score: 1

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