This isn’t so much an article but a bookmark of sorts. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you were already aware that LCB was under the gun, a self-imposed timeline. August had been announced in early January as the make or break decision point to either continue with the Blog or close it for good.

If you actually care about the Blog, you’ll be happy to know that Jules, Nico and myself have decided to continue for another year. This is good news – bad news for the haters, but hey we can’t please everyone 😉 This year there won’t be an anniversary article, and if you actually enjoy reading that type of thing, this post will serve our purposes just fine – especially since we’ll be busy covering Uruguay’s progression in the Confederations Cup.

It's 5 year mission? To be cancelled in 3 years.

4 Years is an impressive benchmark, not even the original Star Trek television show went past 3 years… of course look at how far Star Trek has come since that initial series got cancelled, but it’s nice to know we made it to 4 years! – so now we’re looking at 5 years. 5 years… oh boy, 5 years would take us right into the 2014 World Cup tournament – will Uruguay get there? Although there’s a pessimistic streak that shadows most of my writing, a built-in default switch that was born out of years of watching Uruguay’s national team in the lean years, I want to be one of those delusional supporters who refuse to look at the writing on the wall, who believe whole heartily in fantasy and say, “yes absolutely, Uruguay will qualify to the 2014 World Cup and LCB will be there to cover it” but come on, this is La Celeste Blog ––– we don’t pull back punches, we always fall back on the truth; the truth is a questionable abstract, the truth I’m referring to is based on the immediacy of opinion.

Opinion is your first reaction to an event, an object, a situation. And if you want our opinion, well if you’re reading this, my opinion… I know I’m always glad to give it. Basically I don’t sugarcoat my opinion, if the team plays well, I’ll tell you. If blame has to be assigned, I’ll tell you. If the manager just screwed the pooch, I’ll tell you. If there are things that in my opinion are positives which must be brought to the forefront despite the prevailing view… I’ll tell you, why? Because that’s the way I see things.

And then the comments, some good, some bad, some moronic function to see where the truth is going. This reminds me of something somebody once said to me, “you tell one lie, I’ll tell another, and then we all get together and decide who the biggest liar is.” This is true. To me, no one owns an opinion, if your vision of Uruguay’s NT is simply a sky-blue shirt which you must support no matter what, well, good luck with that. If your vision of Uruguay’s NT is one where you must criticize everything you see, and wish for a bygone era you were never really privy to, well keep on trucking – and if you fall in between the two extremes I just laid out, and see the dangers of drifting from one extreme to another – then welcome to sanity!

This is perhaps the Blog’s biggest accomplishment, for me this Blog has been a learning process, there is no right way to following Uruguay’s NT. You can be the lone nut who shouts from the top of his lungs, screaming profanities that you and only you know what’s right with Uruguay’s NT or you can be the person who learns to accept different opinions and maybe allows those opinions to permeate your own tunnel visioned view of the world.

Sometimes of course, things get out of hand. This is normal though, sometimes we invest too much in something and “things” get fuzzy and downright warped. My advice, have a beer, drink your thoughts away. At the end of the day, it’s just a game. Confusing nationalism with superiority is a wasteful endeavor – look at how well that went for the Nazis. If you look at this as a game, trust me you’ll live longer. It’s a game, it will always be a game and nothing more. Pride is fine and in this regard the Sky-Blue functions to reconnect us to a collective psyche but at the end of the day, when the game is over, it’s over. On certain days Uruguay’s NT will make you proud, on other days, they’ll make you stinking mad, but this is natural.

The present is 4 years and now the future is 5 years. 5 Years and maybe a World Cup – this sounds good to me, I’m up for that, how about you?


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  1. Maldoror55 Maldoror55 says:

    No Nico !

    She is someone’s daughter.And she is the queen of our LCB.A new quality added to the blog.Also a proof that the blog is itself a top quality when it happened to attract a person like her.
    So,Nico behave yourself,that we don’t lose such a precious company.

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    • Dutchfan dutchfan says:

      Vice versa it can’t be a coincidence it’s a Uruguayan blog to attract me. Most other football blogs are full of morons and jerks.

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  2. Dutchfan dutchfan says:

    What makes you decide to continue or not: is it the success or failure of the UNT, is it it’s qualification or not? Is it the number and quality of writers for lcb, the amount, variety or quality of readers and comment(er)s? The impact you make in Uruguay and/or the rest of the world, the influence you have on other media and opinionmakers? Is it your personal motivation and energy, the support or money you get? Moreover, all these things intertwine and interact, beyond your influence.

    Anyhow, I’m glad that you in your wisdom have decided to go on. Imo, it would not be very “garra charrua” to hang one’s harp on the willows just when/because the UNT isn’t doing very well. But that’s easy for me to say, I don’t have to do all the work you do!

    Whether you met all the above mentioned criteria or not, in the last four years you have written a monument for the UNT and Uruguayan football in general, and by doing so, for Uruguay. Not only “the Sky-Blue”, but also lcb, “functions to recollect us to a collective psyche”. Lcb is important for the relatively large Uruguayan diaspora (400.000 adults as lcb’s potential audience), which is partly thinking of itself and expressing itself in football terms.
    Football can channel and fuel feelings of nationalism. Nationalism doesn’t have to be bad or as dangerous as Nazism. Basically, it’s just a way of organising people with a shared history , culture and language. Nationalism only becomes a problem combined with feelings of superiority and/or oppressing other people. Both dangers I don’t see happening in Uruguay at the moment, far from it. Remain the positive aspects of football and nationalism: to give togetherness and a sense of belonging to something.

    So, after four years, football’s business-cycle, a milestone is already reached. Just continuing, with so little means, is an exceptional achievement in itself. Besides that, there’s something special about lcb. Not only are the articles very high-quality, the circle of engaged readers is quite unique. Most one-person-blogs with at most an accidental comment are vanished within two or three years. This blog has more cooperation and interaction, is more lively and has therefore more future.
    The moderating can be irritating for the users, but is a great good. Thanks to that, the atmosphere at the blog is safe for everyone.
    And how many countries have a blog like lcb? I don’t think very many. My country for example doesn’t have one, as far as I know.

    Having said all this, there remain always wishes, things to aspire to. What do we want? How can we reach it? How can we contribute to it? It’s fine we are given another year to answer these questions.

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    • Yorugua Yorugua says:

      Thank you for this inspired comment.

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    • NicoGF NicoGF says:

      wow that comment was epic. are you jaime roos’ son?

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  3. in_your_bright_ray in_your_bright_ray says:

    “Sometimes of course, things get out of hand. This is normal though, sometimes we invest too much in something and “things” get fuzzy and downright warped.”

    – of course it does because we are passionate about futbol! More than any other race of people on earth, football is sewn in our DNA, it’s apart of who we are and our identity. Other’s may have music, others have dance, others art, but we have football! And what better place to talk about it than here on this blog!

    Keep up the good work boys and may this blog continue for a long time!

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  4. Farerets Farerets says:

    Wonderful news! 🙂

    La Celeste Blog will continue, in success and disaster, in joy and grief for our beloved and one and only GLORIOSA CELESTE 🙂

    Thank you so much for both your effort and your talent, all of you put in this blog. All the best for the future!

    Current score: 5

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