The November 3/4 2012 weekend has passed and La Celeste Blog will update you with the 5 major Uruguayan highlights from around the world. So sit back, sip your coffee and enjoy as we begin with #5…

#5.  Inter do Porto Alegre, without Diego Forlan, are eliminated from the Copa Libertadores
Inter were blown away 3-0 vs. Nautico earlier today. Forlan did not play and there are only 4 matches left in the season. Diego had some solid performances prior to this week.

#4. Matias Aguirregaray, recently called up for the Poland fixture, scores again

Aguirregaray was solid recently vs. Manchester United

A chance to see Aguirregaray  (who was recently called up by Tabarez) as he scored the 5th goal for his side’s 5-0 victory over Braslov in the Romanian first division. In the UEFA Champions League, Cluj are currently in 2nd place, behind Manchester United. Aguirregaray’s impressive long range goal can be seen below.
Aguirregaray Goal at 6:30

#3. Edinson Cavani goal vs. Torino

Napoli (3rd place, behind Juventus and Inter Milan) drew Torino at home and Cavani netted his side’s only goal. He’s been doing well without Lavezzi this season. Already, he has scored 7 goals and is 1 goal from the leading scorer in Serie A.
Cavani’s Goal vs. Torino

#2. Peñarol defeats Defensor Sporting- in a thriller- to set up the Super Clasico for next week.

Peñarol vs. Defensor Sporting was a spectacle

Peñarol’s victory in this thriller against Defensor came at the perfect time as they took first place in the Apertura. They are currently the most on form team in Uruguayan football, with players like Estoyanoff, Grossmueller, Olivera and Zalayeta playing their best football. Nacional will play Peñarol next weekend in a crucial Super Clasico.
Uruguayan table with 5 games to go: 1. Peñarol 23, 2. El Tanque 21, 3. Defensor Sporting 19, 4. Nacional 19.

Peñarol-Defensor Goals

#1 Luis Suarez’s spectacular goal and performance vs. Newcastle United

It's actually worth waking up early just to see him play.

“The touch of a genius”- were the words used by Sky Sports to describe Luisito’s magnificent goal today. His overall performance was electrifying and it earned him the man of the match honours. Unfortunately Liverpool still remain in 12th place with the 1-1 draw. So far, Luis has scored 10 goals in 15 matches (all competitions), and is the Premier League’s 2nd highest scorer with 7 goals in 10 games. This isn’t even mentioning his assist count. Luis, I can’t say how proud we are of you.
Suarez’s goal vs. Newcastle

That’s it for this week folks. Next week we’re sure to have some great drama with el Clasico and the featured Chelsea v. Liverpool match. Have a great week!

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  1. Recobenzo says:

    I was excited to see new names on the NT…. But he still does not want to let Perez and Loco go… it’s all BS to me. You have Ribair Rodriguez playing and being graded like a rock for the MF for Siena….who looks better than Perez and of course Rolin playing, when given the chance, OK for Catania…but now I see the final list and he is barely taking enough players…when you can sub as many as you want?
    You could have brought Britos on as well….

    Why not take more and see who you can fit in for the next WCQ? See if Rolin and Ribair can fit. I would rather have Gaston Brugman on this team and see what he can do than Perez. The omission of Polenta, then again why he is not playing for Genoa right now is disturbing …is also puzzling. I just do not think playing Suarez or Cavani does anything to help…unless he is really finally playing Cavani like they do in Napoli and seeing if Suarez and Chory can feed him the ball.

    I think the coaches ego and stubbornness is dead on. This 2010-11 team is now already like the 1950 team to some people ….So we have to wait another 50 years for change and progress again?

    Also….it is not just the Olympics where we were let down it was the U-20 WC where guys like Ceppelini and Luna did not show much and are now buried or had to leave Europe to play. David Texeira looked to be a goal machine for about half a season last year and now is buried on the bench in Gronigen. Matias Jones hardly is ever on the bench. Polenta and Cabrera are in Serie B and La Liga 2…. while guys their age or younger get minutes in the higher league.

    Erik Lamela… Who? Is younger than Nicolas Lopez but has 8 goals in 11 games. I realize Lopez may never play for the NT…. but it just shows how the talent gap just shows big time here and there.

    Current score: 2

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