Dependiendo de cuándo estés escuchando esto, ¡Feliz Año Nuevo! Lo que en este sitio web va inseparablemente de la mano con los premios LCB. Seguimos adelante y grabamos un podcast para conmemorar la ocasión.

As it must every year, the LCB Awards were held. Of course we got a Podcast out of it, of course the Podcast dragged on too long but there were prizes to be given out dammit, some deserved, some maybe not so deserved. This year the Awards were decided by Twitter, which is where you’ll find me most of the time but enough about Twitter lets get on with the […]

Christmas! Another year coming to an end. We’ll bury 2017 just like we buried 2016 and before it 2015… but, it was a special year, we should take stock of what happened which made 2017 so special: Uruguay qualified to the World Cup, check that, Uruguay qualified directly to the World Cup. And there were no playoffs, no asterisk, no back-door entries. We should celebrate.

On December 1st, all matters associated with the 2018 World Cup to be hosted in Russia will be finalized. We will know the groups, we will know what our chances are going forward.



¿Es este nuestro noveno episodio? Difícil de creer, ¿eh?

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury, Tabárez knows what he’s doing… after all, we qualified to the World Cup because of Tabárez and only Tabárez, since 2010, this is all we’ve heard. After that the Tabárez apologists like to throw in the word “proceso” for added measure – the youth team players that NEED TO BE CALLED UP are getting called up – case closed.

Tomorrow is the day! If you were born after 1990, this is something you’ve never seen, what is that something? DIRECT QUALIFICATION!

With Obdulio Varela in the lineup, Uruguay NEVER lost in the World Cup. He was the last Uruguay Captain to get his hands on a World Cup trophy. In my opinion there is no debate, the greatest footballer Uruguay ever fielded was Obdulio Jacinto Varela. He was born on September 20, 1917, and on September 20 we celebrate his centenary.


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