I hope Luis’ comeback won’t mean that one of the younger players, such as Rolán or De Arrascaeta, won’t be summoned. If we take into account their ages, I’m not sure who will be more influential in the next World Cup. The World Cup we should have won was this one in Brazil, which we lost. I’m still a bit incensed.

I don’t want to defend Tabarez. His intentions and cautious tactics aren’t what we need. However, we still need to keep some experienced players in our side. You saw how furiously South Korea attacked our goal in the last 15 minutes. We needed really experienced players like Godin, Mono and even Arevalo to give some confidence to young players, and intervene in situations where a young player isn’t experienced enough [...]

Every now and then when I get the chance, I check out Mundo Deportivo’s APP to see what’s going on with the World of Luis Suárez – Through them and then Marca, I found out Suárez will be allowed to represent Uruguay and play against Saudi Arabia and Oman. Huh did I miss something? Wasn’t he suspended for a year or so? Well Apparently not.

JORGE SEÑORANS • Tuesday, May 16th, 2006, Tabárez realizes he has no players to complete the substitutes’ bench in time for a friendly match with the U.S. team. Problems are just adding up: Fabián Canobbio, Diego López and Guillermo Rodríguez arrive to Madrid but cannot leave the Spanish capital due to issues with their visas. Lugano’s club does not allow him to go. And as if all this wasn’t enough, it is confirmed that Marcelo Zalayeta and Ruben Olivera are not going. Likewise, Vicente Sánchez has to stay home, nursing an injury.

Uruguay will play the final leg of their Asian Tour in the Land of the Morning Calm. Uruguay’s Friday morning 2-0 win over Japan went over well with everyone, well mostly everyone. On paper Uruguay got the job done, the “juveniles” all but De Arrascaeta got some game time action, Corujo played, Aguirregaray played, Rolán assisted on Cavani’s goal and everyone was relatively happy. But the focus of today’s post [...]


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