On or about the fourth of October, Óscar Washington Tabárez put aside any trepidation regarding the change in Uruguay’s FA structure and put pen to paper, extending his contract as Uruguay’s national team manager for a third consecutive time. So we’re talking trilogy here… no not the kind we associate with movies like the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Trilogy here represents not so much a conclusion but an extension. [...]

Forget the friendly matches against Japan/Korea/Saudi Arabia and Oman, there’s literally nothing to learn from them other than the fact that some type of change is occurring. New faces are being added but so what? We need to remember that this is late 2014; it’s too early to prognosticate who will end up becoming a starter in Uruguay’s NT side when the 2015 Copa América rolls around and when later [...]

Well friends, after Friday’s exhibition let’s go at it again, shall we?

New names, new faces… do we actually need a list to find out who will be playing in Uruguay’s upcoming friendly matches against Saudi Arabia and Oman? Please refrain from laughing but yes, apparently, we do need a list to sort this out; a whole bunch of names, some new, some not, were added to the list. So this all means that at long last, El Equipo De Memoria has [...]

I hope Luis’ comeback won’t mean that one of the younger players, such as Rolán or De Arrascaeta, won’t be summoned. If we take into account their ages, I’m not sure who will be more influential in the next World Cup. The World Cup we should have won was this one in Brazil, which we lost. I’m still a bit incensed.


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