Today, I saw Nacional again embarrass itself by being completely outplayed in the Teresa Herrera tournament that’s taking place in La Coruña. They lost 0-3 vs. Deportivo La Coruña (a game that could have easily ended 0-6), and then convincingly lost to a superior Sporting Lisbon side 0-2 a day later. Yet, it’s hard to be upset at manager Alvaro Gutierrez.

Following the progress of ‘La Celeste’ is always exhilarating. But in the last 4 years, I missed the experience of discovering and following brand new national team players around the world. It’s very likely that we’re going to be seeing new players wear the Sky Blue. And La Celeste Blog has you covered. Introducing the ’2018 Project’:…

With the World Cup now over, and still more than 10 months until a Luis Suarez-less Uruguay defend the Copa America in Chile, this Blog has been full of discussions over the identity of La Celeste’s next coach, and style of the team. More technical? More defensive? Oscar Washington Tabarez? Diego Aguirre? Someone else? But what is continually not being understood is just how redundant and irrelevant those arguments are [...]

In today’s unexciting episode of LaCelesteBlog, we continue to look at possible coaching solutions for Uruguay’s national team. Presupposing Uruguay’s FA and Óscar Tabárez decided to part company, the question being laid out today is, could Uruguay’s FA bring in a foreigner to manage Uruguay’s NT?

One of LCB’s biggest idiosyncrasies – aside from being an English-language blog about the Uruguay national team – is the fact that most of the content is written out of Brooklyn, New York! Personally I don’t see anything strange about this arrangement but maybe others do, I really don’t know and I can’t say I really care all that much but since Uruguay’s next two fixtures will occur in the [...]

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