Uruguay’s Copa América Centenario campaign was nothing short of disastrous and when failures occur, causes have to be found. The obvious and simple one is the injury of Luis Suárez. The real reason, though, seems to be something that’s going on ever since the victorious Copa América of 2011.

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Seven is a strange number, supposedly the Earth was built in seven days, it’s the number Raúl played with at Real Madrid and the number Ronaldo couldn’t wait to grab once Raúl exited Real Madrid… it’s the number Ghiggia played with for Uruguay, seven is the amount of goals Germany scored on Brazil during the 2014 World Cup and on June 20th, seven will be the number of years LCB […]

Si somos la selección más laureada a nivel mundial, en parte se lo debemos a ellos. Si nos hicimos conocidos y somos cuatro veces campeones del mundo, sin dudas se lo debemos a ellos. Hablar de Uruguay es hablar de fútbol y no podemos hablar de fútbol uruguayo sin hablar de los campeones olímpicos de 1924 y 1928.

The Copa America Centenario begins tonight for Uruguay, when Uruguay face Mexico at the University of Phoenix. I’m not sure if it’s the same cheesy Online University where people get their bullshit online degrees, so they can say they finished their schooling and what have you, should I maybe look into it some more? Nah fuck it, who cares! Anyway I have to confess, I haven’t been watching any of […]

Barcelona won La Liga yesterday and Luis Suárez captured the elusive but most rewarding Pichichi (top goal-scorer) title. I’m not really one for statistics and I could be wrong but Suárez becomes only the third Uruguayan to capture the Pichichi after current Manya manager Jorge Da Silva did it in the early 80’s and Diego Forlán did it with Atlético Madrid last decade.


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