No sooner had the WCQ match between Uruguay and Chile ended that I whipped out my trusty calculator just to see what the damage was, it turned out I didn’t need my calculator to figure this one out. Tuesday night’s win over the slimy Chileans got Uruguay the 3 points they needed, 3 more which takes us to 9 points, sitting pretty in second place… for now anyway – not […]

At last count, Tata Gonzalez has been ruled out. Uruguay’s starting XI may feature Corujo (replacing Tata) and Rolan as a starter (replacing Hernandez). I don’t know whether this lineup has been confirmed (see illustration) or whether its still up in the air?

Uruguay v Chile isn’t a rivalry by any stretch of the imagination, but there’s been some bad blood as of late. Where did it come from? Well you don’t need a road-map to figure out that shortly after Tata Gonzalez’ 2014 four-star baboseada and the 2015 Copa America quarterfinal, Chile & Uruguay began disliking one another. And this little mala sangre has given birth to a rivalry which gets renewed […]

I won’t go into a full Blog Post about the loss, I think with what happened in Paris yesterday, sometimes we should take stock of what’s more important in life but with that said, here’s a quick summary of Ecuador v Uruguay.

According to a Referi article, Tabárez tried out a 4-4-2 lineup in practice, which included: Muslera, Mono, Godín, Coates, Cáceres, Arévalo-Ríos, Tata, Sánchez, Lodeiro, Hernández & Cavani. We don’t know if this will be the starting XI that Tabárez will send to Quito but it does fall in line with the typical lineup we’ve come to expect from Tabárez. As per the Referi piece, Palito Pereira could replace Lodeiro. This […]


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