Throughout Oscar Washington Tabarez’ last four-and-a-half years in charge of the Uruguayan national team, there have always been two competing narratives in my mind. At different points, one has gained sway over the other; many Uruguayans, I venture to suggest, share them too. And even now, with El Maestro beginning to head towards his sixty-eighth birthday, and La Celeste recuperating after a disappointing World Cup, both narratives remain as valid […]

Carlos Sanchez’ auspicious debut for the Uruguay national team was swallowed up by Uruguay’s complete breakdown against Costa Rica towards the end of the un-fancy Copa Antel. So much of what was witnessed yesterday confirms that Tabárez really isn’t the man to handle this new transitional period.

This is the end of our “Nacional v. Peñarol” series before re-focusing on La Celeste’s games this week. The respected British football magazine “FourFourTwo” dedicated their latest publications to ranking the “Top 10 Greatest Football Derbies” in the world. Nacional vs. Peñarol was ranked #3, behind #2 (Real Madrid vs. Barcelona) and #1 (Boca Juniors vs. River Plate). Find out in more detail how they based their ranking.

Nacional 2 – Peñarol 1. (Highlights Video). Last Sunday’s Uruguayan Superclasico was one of the most intense, and dramatic derbies in recent history. It had everything fans identify with Uruguayan football: the fight, the raw emotion, the sleaze, the skill and especially the drama. Nacional incredibly ended up winning the game with two injury time goals. With the second one, fans may have witnessed Alvaro Recoba’s defining moment.

Usually this Blog doesn’t get too excited with end of the year friendly matches, right about now, I would be preparing my LCB Awards post but this is the dawn of a new era, a new inclusive era, where Under-20 standouts play alongside LCB favorites, case in point Carlos Sánchez. And so we have to talk a bit about this upcoming friendly match with Costa Rica, which surprisingly will be […]


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