By the late 1980s, when Uruguay finally began to realize what happened to them from the mid 1970s was not a temporary slump. Football fans and writers from all over the world essentially came to this conclusion: “What Uruguay had accomplished (at club and international football) between the 1910s to the 1970s was astonishing. But to them, especially in the modern globalized world, a nation of 3 million people could […]


Be Back Soon!

Well Howdy there, been a while since I offered my 2 cents, umm… not that I have anything to offer today. Anyway I’ll be taking a short hiatus from the Blog.

Uruguay’s FA announced that they will be playing an international friendly with Morocco on March 28. The Morocco website was even more brief with regards to the friendly. So there you have it… umm yeah… I really don’t have anything else to report on this, I mean, I can state the obvious and report that this will be the first official match for the 2015 calendar year, unfortunately, not really […]


Wind of Change

The first major Blog article of the year won’t be about Suárez turning 28 or being benched by Luis Enrique yesterday and as much as we like to indulge in the occasional pimping of Luis Suárez to get our traffic up, the most important bit of news emerged out of Punta Del Este of all places. What happened?

The week started on the right foot for Uruguay’s Under-20 side, after thrashing Chile 6-1 and rightly so, Uruguay established their dominance in Group B.


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