Barcelona won La Liga yesterday and Luis Suárez captured the elusive but most rewarding Pichichi (top goal-scorer) title. I’m not really one for statistics and I could be wrong but Suárez becomes only the third Uruguayan to capture the Pichichi after current Manya manager Jorge Da Silva did it in the early 80’s and Diego Forlán did it with Atlético Madrid last decade.

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Just when we thought we saw the last of El Equipo De Memoria, the EDM is back, re-configured and re-imagined for 2016. The EDM arrives just in time to partake in another tournament. This time… let me look at my notes here… umm the Copa America. Wait a minute; didn’t we have a Copa America last year? Yes but according to my notes, this upcoming tournament is being called the […]

Suárez remembers his Liverpool Homies… Also Suárez gives a teammate a noogie and finally Mousa Dembele earns a Suárez like ban in the Premiership.

Nacional advance to the Quarterfinals of the Libertadores competition; Dunga names 23 players he’ll take to the Copa America Centenario but forgets to include Neymar! And former Arsenal player wants Luis Suárez to sign for the Gunners.

A Paraguayan model goes gaga over Diego Lugano, Plaza Colonia ridiculously compared to Leicester City and Nacional v Peñarol ranks fourth as top world derby.


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