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Do any of you lovely LCB readers remember Scent of a Woman, that 1992 film where Al Pacino plays a blind guy? I recently saw this film again and halfway through it, I was thinking “big deal, he’s not blind!” – but then the courtroom scene came on… and really, they didn’t give Al Pacino an Oscar for playing a blind man… he bagged it for his tour du force courtroom […]

“For Pedro Arispe, homeland meant nothing. It was the place where he was born, which meant nothing to him because he had no choice in the matter, and that was where he broke his back working as a peon for a man who was the same as any boss in any country. But when Uruguay won the 1924 Olympic title in France, Arispe was one of the winning players. While […]

So finally after much procrastination on my part, I got around to seeing Morocco v Uruguay on YouTube (hvala Maldoror55) just to see how Uruguay are doing after the long break.

This is an older article that was published in 2012. It provides actual FIFA documents, & historical accounts that prove without a doubt that Uruguay are officially four-time FIFA World Champions. I wanted to re-post it for two reasons. Reason #1: Pierre Arrighi (a French-Uruguayan author) recently published a tremendously well-researched book (about the 1924 tournament) that definitively confirms Uruguay’s status as four-time FIFA World champions. Reason #2: My intention […]

Morocco v Uruguay should be up and running in a few hours or so (maybe sooner). Where to watch the match? LiveSoccerTV will tell you where the match is being shown. The Game can also be heard live on Uruguayan radio (I think).


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