This is the story of a boy from Salto, Uruguay’s second city: who grew up in poverty, yet went on to become his country’s most famous, instantly recognisable export. And of the football club he now stars for: an illustrious, world famous club which under-achieved for so long, yet is now on the verge of one of its greatest, most emotional triumphs. The story of Luis Alberto Suarez Diaz; and [...]

Dear Liverpool FC and your supporters: Thank you. Liverpool Football Club has gained three million new supporters in Uruguay, and this is not a common thing. All over South America, football fans generally become attached to a player and not his club in Europe. In Uruguay, things are different. And it’s something I’ve never seen happen before. The first thing I noticed that fans took positively about Liverpool FC (when [...]

For almost 30 years, Francisco ‘Paco’ Casal has been the Great Survivor of Uruguayan football. First as an agent, then as a super-agent, then through his network of television companies, his presence has dominated the sport: controversial, shadowy, divisive; but always impossible to ignore. Unable to live either with or without him, football in this country has been beholden to his largesse for many years; but not, perhaps, for much [...]

One of the great certainties about life in Uruguay is that, well, there are no certainties. Instead, everywhere you look, there are ambiguities, complexities, idiosyncracies and shades of grey. Only in Uruguay could the Estadio Charrua, which supposedly pays homage to the country’s indigenous peoples, be situated in, of all places, the Parque Rivera: named after the man more responsible than anyone else for their extermination. And maybe only in [...]

Wait a minute, wait a minute… didn’t we already go through this in 2009? Apparently the lesson didn’t take. Sebastian Bauza, AUF president and the entire executive council resigned in a shock move that follows some horrible decision-making from all parties involved including José Mujica, the Uruguayan President and Nobel Peace Prize candidate.


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