In today’s unexciting episode of LaCelesteBlog, we continue to look at possible coaching solutions for Uruguay’s national team. Presupposing Uruguay’s FA and Óscar Tabárez decided to part company, the question being laid out today is, could Uruguay’s FA bring in a foreigner to manage Uruguay’s NT?

One of LCB’s biggest idiosyncrasies – aside from being an English-language blog about the Uruguay national team – is the fact that most of the content is written out of Brooklyn, New York! Personally I don’t see anything strange about this arrangement but maybe others do, I really don’t know and I can’t say I really care all that much but since Uruguay’s next two fixtures will occur in the [...]

¿Cuáles son los problemas que afectan a esta selección? Pedidos de buen manejo de pelota siempre van a surgir en nuestro fútbol, desgraciadamente el fútbol uruguayo ahora es un espejo de problemas que existen también en otros países sudamericanos.

No sooner had the World Cup arrived that it quickly left. Less than a week after it was all over, Brazil & Argentina are already in high damage control. Argentina will look to replace Sabella with either El Tata Martino or El Cholo Simeone. Brazil meanwhile is trying to figure out just what the hell they are, a team on par with Holland and Del Bosque’s Tiki-Taka Spain or a [...]


Now What?

Some time ago I wondered out loud that Uruguay needed ten more guys like Luis Suárez. That microsecond decision-making separated Suárez from the rest of the herd in my opinion but if Suárez reads the game one way and carries through on impulses – whatever they may be – the kind of abhorrent behavior we all witnessed in the Italy v Uruguay World Cup group game has to be included [...]


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