Arévalo-Ríos has been ruled out for the Colombia match. And in other news, Mono Pereira is back in the starting XI and apparently so is Diego Rolan.


Mountain High

So I finally got around to seeing Uruguay’s 2-0 win over Bolivia. I’m not going to waive my condescending finger and say I told you so because I didn’t have Uruguay defeating Bolivia in La Paz of all places. Usually that DON’T happen. I didn’t think we’d win, not because of Tabárez’ tactics (or according to some lack thereof) basically the high altitude and everything about that doom and gloom […]

Venturing into the Bolivian altura of La Paz is the precipice of South American qualification; it’s that moment when you know, “these are the South American qualifiers!”



Uruguay’s 2018 World Cup Qualifiers will start on a high… the high elevation of Bolivia’s La Paz that is.  Uruguay will also start these qualifiers minus the services of Suarez, Cavani and Tabarez. The match will be played 11,932 feet above sea level, not knowing who’s a friend or who’s a foe once the oxygen exits the body. This Blog just isn’t sure anymore whether there is a FIFA rooted […]

Lately I’ve reached some conclusions. First of all, Tabarez is not as clueless as we sometimes tend to think. Under this coach we participated in three of the last four World Cups we were in. We also won the Copa America 2011, and this coach “discovered” some players along the way, like Suarez.


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