Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury, Tabárez knows what he’s doing… after all, we qualified to the World Cup because of Tabárez and only Tabárez, since 2010, this is all we’ve heard. After that the Tabárez apologists like to throw in the word “proceso” for added measure – the youth team players that NEED TO BE CALLED UP are getting called up – case closed.

Tomorrow is the day! If you were born after 1990, this is something you’ve never seen, what is that something? DIRECT QUALIFICATION!

With Obdulio Varela in the lineup, Uruguay NEVER lost in the World Cup. He was the last Uruguay Captain to get his hands on a World Cup trophy. In my opinion there is no debate, the greatest footballer Uruguay ever fielded was Obdulio Jacinto Varela. He was born on September 20, 1917, and on September 20 we celebrate his centenary.



Conjetura, análisis, pura estupidez – estos son los ingredientes que conforman un Podcast adecuado. Por supuesto miramos el partido de Argentina y el partido de Paraguay y formamos nuestra propia opinión.

It has been 364 days since the last time Uruguay geared up against Argentina and since that time not much has changed besides the fact that both associations have finally confirmed an inevitable joint bid for the 2030 World Cup. Uruguay is enjoying their traditional mid-qualifier slump and Argentina is scrambling to put a team together under the fresh guidance of a new coach, this time under Jorge Sampaoli. That’s […]

En esta oportunidad, nos tomamos un breve descanso del balompié previo al gran clásico rioplatense, para conocer a una chica que nos representa en gimnasia aeróbica. De todos modos, no pudimos evitar hacerle algunas preguntas concernientes al tema principal del blog: Nombre completo: Florencia Alpuy Maceira Fecha de nacimiento: 05/06/1992 (25 años) Profesión: Abogada y Gimnasta Redes sociales: Instagram: /instituto.S2 /floralpuy Contanos acerca de tu deporte: Practico Gimnasia Aeróbica desde […]

Maybe this isn’t true – who knows, but supposedly the Tango (dance) was invented in the Quilombos (brothels) as the bored Johns waiting to take their turn, would playfully dance with each other, the early tango dance would be an exaggerated almost G-rated Knife Fight but with no knives,

On July 16, 1950, the Uruguay national team perpetrated arguably the biggest theft of the 20th Century, think the “Italian Job” but done for real and on a much grander scale, except now consider that it was done with no real planning, no money, no criminal mastermind quarterbacking the whole operation, no Michael Caine, heck not even a facetious cameo from Noël Coward… what did they do you ask?


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