This will be a short post today… why you ask? Well there’s something called work that not even LCB is immune from. Anyway, this little bit of news courtesy of El Especatador (my new favorite news website at the moment) didn’t escape my Twitter feed. Well it turns out; according to some rumor – mentioned in the article – that CONMEBOL may be bargaining to keep the 5th spot (or […]

27 became 23 today, as Tabárez cut the following names from the preliminary list of 27 players he named 2 weeks ago: Emiliano Velasquez, Matias Aguirregaray, Camilo Mayada & Mota Gargano were cut from the squad.

Shortly before the 2014 World Cup began, Carlos Salvador Bilardo aka el Narigón warned that having “El Crack Numero 1 del Mundo” doesn’t necessarily guarantee you’ll win the World Cup. He referred to Cruyff in ’74, Maradona in ’82 and ironically foreshadowed Messi’s turn in 2014.

Ramón Díaz has had just one friendly to prepare for the Copa América 2015 and judging by his eclectic squad he is already looking ahead to the World Cup Qualifiers. It seems the three group games will be treated as friendlies and experimenting done with a mixture of youth and experience.

At this point in time, the Pepper Spray/Drone Attack orchestrated by Boca Fans has already become the eye of the storm for South American soccer; Its train-wreck soccer for all the wrong reasons. Spanish paper, AS, completed the shit-feel groove by publishing an article which warned that FIFA will punish CONMEBOL by taking away that WCQ half-spot for CONMEBOL’s failure to administer a heavier punishment on Boca Juniors.


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