There is this old episode of Star Trek – the old 60’s Sci-Fi TV show – called “Mirror, Mirror” where Kirk, McCoy and Uhura get transported to a parallel universe where everything sorta looks the same except everyone is evil and Spock has a goatee.

Hi everyone, my vacation from Blog activities continues.

Haven’t had time to sit down and properly digest any of this… but here’s the WCQ schedule:



For Uruguay, the Maracanazo is the summit of Everest. Although Uruguay never reached a World Cup final ever again –– even though they did reach 3 semifinals since –– the story of those brave Uruguayans who played a football match in front of almost 200,000 people continues to enchant, to take hold of the imagination. Sadly, yesterday, the last living link to that immortal match passed away.

Summer is here and well there isn’t much going on.  So I’ll be taking a much needed break from Blog activities.The Blog will still be open for business, maybe some other people will post articles… maybe not? Who’s to say right?


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