Aquí estamos de nuevo, hablando de Tabárez, Uruguay, Tabárez y también de Tabárez. Hicimos lo posible para acaparar todos los temas que fueron propuestos, pero OWT sigue dominando la conversación.

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As many of you know, we use to throw a podcast every few months, or weeks, or whenever we manage to do it. Tonight July 16th the three musketeers will debate about the topics you have chosen and NicoGF collected

Please have a listen to The World Football Index Podcast. Hosted by Adam Brandon, this WFI podcast series explores football culture in South America. The series kicks off with Uruguay and features an old friend to the Blog, Shaun Lawson AKA The Big Feller. Also featured are Jessie Losch and Martin da Cruz who runs the highly respected “From Beauty to Duty Football” Blog.

Uruguay’s Copa América Centenario campaign was nothing short of disastrous and when failures occur, causes have to be found. The obvious and simple one is the injury of Luis Suárez. The real reason, though, seems to be something that’s going on ever since the victorious Copa América of 2011.



Seven is a strange number, supposedly the Earth was built in seven days, it’s the number Raúl played with at Real Madrid and the number Ronaldo couldn’t wait to grab once Raúl exited Real Madrid… it’s the number Ghiggia played with for Uruguay, seven is the amount of goals Germany scored on Brazil during the 2014 World Cup and on June 20th, seven will be the number of years LCB […]


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